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SEO Website Audit

High Rankings Advisor 178

September 20, 2006
Hey everyone!

I've got a number of quick SEO questions and answers from this week's
mailbag for you.  Hope they'll be helpful!

Let's get straight to it! - Jill
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HRA 178 Wrap Up

September 20, 2006
Been a busy week gearing up for the seminar, plus trying to keep afloat with all the work. So no time to chat today. Read More >>

Organic SEO

September 20, 2006
Here's a question for you to answer in your newsletter. I was recently quoted a job by an SEO consultant, and he kept using the term "organic" to describe the methodology. What does this mean? And do I want it? Read More >>

Same SEO but No Rankings

September 20, 2006
I have been receiving your excellent newsletter for more than 3 years and find it an invaluable help to understand the ins and outs of SEO. Indeed I am sure that your advice has been instrumental in achieving a top 5 listing for the last 3 years in Google for my London site. Read More >>

Characters in Meta Keyword Tag

September 20, 2006
How many characters are allowed in the keyword Meta tag? How will the crawler treat a page that goes over this limit of characters? Read More >>

Optimizing for Conditions

September 20, 2006
I wonder if you can give me a steer on a particular SEO problem. I have a client who specializes in acupuncture and other alternative remedies in London We would like to optimise for the conditions she treats such as back pain, insomnia, headaches, etc - about 40 different in all. Read More >>

Tables and SEO

September 20, 2006
I have been a regular reader of your newsletter for some time. I hope you have time to give me your thoughts on the following comment that I received from a website designer. Read More >>

Lack of Copy on Home Page

September 20, 2006
The site I'm asked to work on really has no room for keyword rich copy (or any copy in general). Nor do they want it there. They're very much in favor of the current design which is mostly products. They like the way it looks. The copy -- in their opinion and to some degree mine too -- would look odd, even though everyone now understands the value of this copy on the front page. Read More >>