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High Rankings Question of the Week

July 11, 2012

This week I asked my social media followers to:

++Name some web spam you still see being offered by shady SEO companies++

Here's how they responded:


Kevin Gallagher: Does infographics count? Or should I wait until next year for that one? LOL

[Jill: Kevin is referring to Matt Cutts' recent remarks on infographics.]

Forestsoftware: I came across this one today - someone with 3 sites all having the exact same copy apart from the title tags.
High Rankings Question of the Week
Joeybalestrino: I wouldn't say this is spam, but search engine site submissions. I've always hated that "service," it's bogus.


Greg Jarboe: I haven't been offered as much spam by shady SEO companies this year as I've been offered in the past. Maybe my email filters are working better, or maybe I've become "spam blind." But the volume of spam seems to have gone down.

Gary Cope: I still get emails from "web marketing" companies offering to pay me to add a text link on my site(s). Normally I just toss it in the junk folder, but the last one I received, I actually responded with my thoughts on paid links. Strangely, they haven't responded.

Alex Miranda: Continuous emails by third world countries telling us that our site needs to be optimized. They then go on to say they can link us to hundreds of sites and directories...I respond by telling them they should use my services for social media press releases and never hear back from them.


Dianna Huff: Quick and dirty blog posts and/or site content. Content that's referred to as "spider bait" -- just to get "content" into Google.

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