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High Rankings Question of the Week

November 2, 2011

To go along with today's article, I asked my social media followers:

++What cool website content have you created or recommended that goes above & beyond product & service offerings?++

Here's how they responded:


DerekEdmond: We're now content marketers + SEO - blog posts, articles, infographics, video...the list goes on.

Marie_Haynes: I'm currently experimenting with cartoons as link bait.

Matt_Siltala: Recently launched several Infographics for a company that helped visually break down some questions from their FAQs.

SEOjunkie: Has to be videos, they rank very well in Google!


Dianna Huff: E-books, white papers, case studies, webinars, special reports, blog posts, video. Oh and special events too.

Mike Churchill: I built a wizard that calculates the annual total cost of ownership for a horse.

Karon Price Thackston: I created a free report about keyword research since it is closely related to SEO copywriting.

Jill's Response: Not too many replies to this question. I wonder if that means that most of my followers simply aren't adding any value added content to their websites...hmm.

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 Vicki Lesage said:
I work for an ecard company and on our blog we provide a calendar of events with in-depth information about each holiday and usually some other sort of information, like party guides or related recipes. It's content that's useful on its own but it also leads directly into our ecards - we select certain ecards to go with each post in case people want to send a free ecard to celebrate the holiday. It's a natural tie-in for us and there's always something to write about!