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High Rankings Question of the Week

August 28, 2013

This week I asked my social media followers:

++What technical issues do you see on websites that are potentially hurting their SEO performance?++

Here's how they responded:


RyanJones: Messed up redirects, canonical issues, nav that doesn't actually use <a> tags.

Marie_Haynes: Huge amounts of duplicate content dt CMS structure. Improper canonicals or robots.txt files.
Question of the Week


Kristi Feathers: Slow load time. Incorrect authorship tags and too much JavaScript.

John Mills: Too much CSS in the web page.

Christina Lannen: Pages that never load. A former client hooked up with someone new and their contact page will not load as it goes into a continual loop.

Gisele Glosser: Crappy code - even basic HTML tagging like <TBODY> and the notorious lack of </table>. Plus huge flash or GIF graphics that occupy the first fold with no text.

Dianna Huff: Sliders (or carousels). I wrote a blog post about it. Bad usability and bad SEO. Also menu "flyouts." Hate them.


Jordan Mawbey: 404 Error Pages!

Jay Wilner: Poor architecture.

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