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High Rankings Question of the Week

January 16, 2013

This week I asked my social media followers:

++What's your #1 SEO tip for 2013?++

Here's how they responded:


Rishi Lakhani: Vary your anchor text links.
High Rankings Question of the Week
Zeshan Ahmer: Make the website user-friendly as much as you can!

Luis Angel Espinoza: Optimize your website for users and not for search engines. Become more social.

James Fairlie: As with every year...don't chase Google. Aim to create the best website in the sector, engage online and the rest will follow.

Ann Donnelly: Good keyphrase research isn't only for SEO but a great way to see what your target market is looking for and the language your visitors will use and relate to.

Dianna Huff: For small B2B companies – Think about SEO and incorporate it before you begin the design / content creation process. What content will you need to facilitate the sales process? How will you drive people to your content? How will people learn about you? Where do they hang out online?

Alexander Kenter: Semantic markup – if you haven't done so already (which you should have, but okay, let's call that innocent ignorance).


James Svoboda: Create Better Content. Pretty straightforward. Anything but simple or easy.

Fran Irwin: Add value to the Internet.

Mike Johnson: Start with some keyword research and take a close look at your title tags.

Virginia DeBolt: Read Jill Whalen!?

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 Mubbasir Mustafa said:
Focus more on site's design and less on keywords. Make it simple, elegant and attractive.(to engage your visitors and to reduce your bounce rate).
 Mike Terry said:
Definitely agree with most of the above about engaging content.

2013 is going to be a big year for having great content and well designed sites at the top of the rankings. Having your content spread around blogs and social media won't hurt either!
 hamlet said:
Write quality content. Focus more on Social bookmarking. Use Google+, Facebook and twitter for betterment. You can use Pinterest too.

2013 will be the year of Social media websites. Social media sites will be the key factor in Ranking.
 Peev said:
Content is the king as they say. I think that the good content and its proper distribution (spiced up with social media promotion) are always main factors when it comes to high rankings.