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High Rankings Question of the Week

June 5, 2013

To go along with this week's main article about SEO and PPC, I asked my social media followers:

++How do you use your PPC info to help with your SEO (and vice versa?)++

Here's how they responded:

Question of the Week
James Svoboda: Three of the best ways we use PPC info for SEO are:

1. Establishing potential search volume based on existing PPC keyword data. Understanding current and/or recent search volume data can give us great insight into what and where to allocate resources for SEO.

2. Researching for new keyword segments. By using controlled keyword matching patterns, we can find new keyword groups to target that often fly under the radar of traditional keyword research tools.

3. Using conversion data. We track conversion rates on all of our PPC campaigns. Knowing how individual or groups of keywords convert also allows us to prioritize our initiatives based on how they will add to the client's bottom line.

Matt Morgan: We use the AdWords Keyword Tool to help determine the competitiveness of specific phrases for our SEO campaigns. Additionally, we use that same tool to find suggested terms we might not have thought of.

Jennifer Lewis: I like to cross-check the keywords that convert well in PPC campaigns and make sure we're using those keywords to optimize our sites!


Ann Donnelly: My experience with keyphrases was great for picking phrases that would convert better and what ad copy to use for each ad group, especially when targeting different countries.

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