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High Rankings Question of the Week

May 30, 2012

This week I asked my social media followers:

++What's a common SEO rookie mistake that you often see?++

Here's how they responded:


ChrisF79: I see lots of SEO keyword stuffing regarding SEO and keyword stuffing when people start SEO.

SteveOllington: Cannibalised keywords through pages and titles. (Targeting multiple pages with the same keywords. Like having the site's primary keywords in every page title of every page.)

DigitalPromoter: I would say the canonical www to non-www duplicate content. It is bush league. :)

: Using the exact match anchor text ONLY, and not varying it.

Timmarchant: Thinking they are "experts"?

Emzuniga: Actually using KWs in the KW meta tag thinking it makes a difference. Title tag left empty or simply left as "Home."

NathanSchubert: This is a pretty general one: people stop short far too often, thinking that the 5% they did is going to be enough. Never is.

leebeirne1: Super long titles! Like, 140+ characters.

dan_shure: Completely ignoring the user and instead trying to "trick" Google. 

Matt_Siltala: Being told by a designer/programmer that "insert whatever an SEO told them" isn't possible.

smindsrt: Believing in all the misinformation or outdated info out there.

ashbuckles: Robots.txt /Disallow

JHTScherck: Mot using ~ and * during keyword research.

SamJohnAllen: The one I see all the time is over optimisation. Listing the same word 50 times on a page.

kenjansen: Not reading enough before starting in.


Duane Coleman: Lack of detailed keywords research and analysis, and lack of proper application thereof. Covers many areas.

Julien Simon: Duplicate versions of pages under different URLs. Last month, I had a client with 8 "different" home pages. This month, a client with http and https competing. Happens all the time.

Kevin Gallagher: By not understanding that there is no such thing as SEO copywriting.

Jill's Comment: Kevin, that's a bit of a loaded answer. I would argue that SEO copywriting is  using the words used by people looking for your products or services (rather than your own internal jargon).

Kevin Gallagher: Yes you should definitely do that but don't create it for search engines that where IMO people get confused. Why not just call it copywriting instead of SEO copywriting?

Jill: There is a wee bit of difference in that you sometimes do need to be slightly more descriptive when doing SEO copywriting. Although, I notice that radio ad copy also tends to be more descriptive since people are listening and not reading.

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 Sam said:
Hi Jill, Could you explain what you think user Matt_Siltala meant by: Being told by a designer/programmer that "insert whatever an SEO told them" isn't possible.
 Jill Whalen said:
@sam sometimes there are technical things that need to be done and sometimes developers say they can't do them
 Sam said:
Oh gotcha, that's what I thought. Yes, that happens all the time. Tell them you'll find another developer who will make it possible :)