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High Rankings Question of the Week

January 11, 2012

To go along with this week's article on Rel=Author, I asked my social media followers:

Have you implemented Rel=Author on your content yet? If yes, does it show in Google results?

Here's how they responded:


SEOChemist: Yes, yes and no. I have it working on some sites and not others. Yet to figure out what is going wrong.

Realicity: Yes, I've implemented & not showing in search results. Wondering if it's a high school'esque popularity content for Google :(

Marie_Haynes: Yes, I implemented it months ago and it started showing 2 weeks ago.  Seeing dramatic CTR increases!


Steven Weldler: Not yet.

Tamra Hamblin: Yes and not yet.

David Wallace: Yes about 2 to 3 weeks ago and still has not taken effect. Not sure if I did it correctly but haven't heard anything back from Google so uncertain. I heard it is still a manual process and can take some time.

Gil Reich: Yes, implemented it. No, it doesn't show up.

Sean Carlos: Yes, yes.

Dianna Huff: Not yet but it's on the to-do list.

Ken Horst: Not yet :(

Wissam Dandan: Yes and Yes.

David Sottimano: Yes and No.

Jill's Comment: Judging by these replies, it looks like my article providing 5 reasons why you need to implement Rel=Author ASAP has come out just in time!

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 Finn Skovgaard said:
I did it shortly after it was introduced a few months ago. It didn't give results immediately but apparently needs a maturing period just like search rankings. It seems to work quite well now. Just Google my name to get an idea what it can do.
 Link Worx Seo said:
Have generated mine already. Got it started when I first read one of your articles on it. I am currently writing an article myself on it with some other extra added goodies such as covering how to use Article Base as well for connecting a profile form Article Base to Google+ I mentioned you in my article as a source along with Google as well. Hope this is fine by you. Linked to one of your articles on the topic. Will be a good quality and relevant link for you.