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High Rankings Question of the Week

April 24, 2013

This week I asked my social media followers:

++If you weren't an SEO/SEM, Website Marketer, etc., what would you be?++

Here's how they responded:


Rebekah_AM: An herbalist :).

Netrafic: A content creator :-).

massaraksh_: Translator, teacher, copywriter =).

Matt_Siltala: I would probably be a net admin. That's where I started, back in the Novell & GroupWise days -- LOL.

: A psychologist. Didn't know of that when I started in IT, but there's not queerer or more fascinating than folks & motives.


Jordan Mawbey: Bored!

Santosh Singh: A teacher or a professor.

Dianna Huff
: Someone who writes novels. Maybe. That or something to do with couture fashion.


Thomas Rosenstand: I would be captain on a commercial ship, probably at Maersk. When all my friends wanted to become firefighters or police -- all I wanted was to spend my life at the bridge of a big ship.

William Rock: Mickey Mouse, because he owns the world...

David Harry: Graphic Designer? Musician? Self-defense instructor?

Jill's Response
: That's a tough one for me as SEO is "my thing." But I'd probably be doing something that had to with writing and/or marketing.

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 aspromilas said:
i would be an astrologer that predict about the ranking of websites.
 sanjay singh said:
I would be an free mind man..
 Hidalgo Jones said:
I would still be doing online marketing & local marketing for local businesses.