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High Rankings Question of the Week

April 18, 2012
To go along with this week's article on website marketing I asked my social media followers:

++What's your best tip for promoting a new website online?++

Here's how they responded:High Rankings Question of the Week


JTPotts: For a redesign we promoted it internally first then employees promoted thru their own social channels.

trevox: May be old-fashioned, but I try to find the interest-group and just tell 'em - in email lists, forums, mass web sites, etc.

maninderweb: Do a press release mentioning the unique features of the new site.

maheshone: Guest Posting on blogs, Social Media Marketing, and SEO.


Susan Greene: Write a guest blog post for a blog related to the website's industry.

Dianna Huff: Post about it in your e-newsletter – and if it's really special, write a press release.

Karri Flatla: Proactively share share share your great content with people in your sphere of influence (assuming you have great content of course).

Christina Lannen: Announce the launch on my website as a featured item that also feeds to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), plus manual announcements on Facebook and Twitter.

Steven Musumeche: Create a site that people want to use without marketing. Then market it.


Michael Lee Johnson: Stop promoting is the best tip I can give. It's a prehistoric viewpoint of inefficiency. Effective "Marketing" is the process of delivering and communicating a message in such a way that it's remembered and communicated for you across multiple mediums online and offline – all around the world.

If you have to "promote" something, your strategy is completely wrong. Re-evaluate, Refine. Improve. Continue. Everything should be perpetual, everlasting... Everything should be developed under the philosophy of – How will this/that cause this/that to spread from here to there, to everywhere.

However you take this piece of wisdom is directly correlated to your current experience. :) – Tip: I don't just mean good content. I MEAN EVERYTHING! From concept to completion and beyond.?

Trevor Stolber: I would say that it is a well-developed content strategy to be ready right off the bat with a good social media strategy to get the ball rolling – for a fresh site.?

Nick Usborne: Yes to all the above. But I would also suggest that you have a good percentage of your content published off-site, and pointing to your site. For example, if I were launching a site about consulting for the tourism industry, I would work very hard to get an invite to write an article or column for various tourism association publications. Ditto for speaking. In other words, promote your site by writing content for other sites.?

Joshua Gill: Reach out to businesses that will benefit from your service or product and get their assistance in sharing your launch/new site to their audience. Traffic, Links, & a great series of relationships that can last a long time. ?

Jill's Response: Thanks for all the great ideas, guys!

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