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High Rankings Question of the Week

May 22, 2013

To go along with today's social media and SEO article, I asked my followers:

++Do you think Google is currently using social signals to help determine which pages to show in search results?++

Here's how they responded:

Question of the Week
CygnusSEO: No.

RyanJones: Nope. Pretty sure they aren't. They see some links, but treat as normal links.

CatKellogg: I was in a meeting yesterday with @jairawat of @shopsocially who shared data that proves so.


Dianna Huff: Yes.

Patrick Berzai: I believe they are.

Chris Tucker
: Not that we can tell beyond their goofy "authorshipness."

Jill's Comment: Chris, are you sure that shouldn't be "authorshipitude"? ;)

Gil Heuss: It is part of their links strategy.

Jordan Mawbey: I hope so, but I personally don't see any evidence from my own site. If they are, it would be interesting to know (from Facebook signals) if 'likes' of a page count towards ranking or if it's 'shares' (which create a back link)...or both!

Jill's Comment: Jordan, my feeling is that both send a signal to Google, but the link itself is not the same as a typical link because it has the nofollow attribute on it.

Trish Samson: Absolutely! Either that or there's some magic mojo going 'round. No sooner do I visit a shopping site...let's point to an unusual site like Toscano. Ads for tuscano are everywhere. If it were Best Buy I could see it as possible coincidence, but Tosano?

Jill's Comment: That's different Trish. It has nothing to do with SEO and is part of AdWords. It's called "remarketing."


Dave Fallon: They certainly seem to be heading that way, but do they currently? Does anyone have any idea?

Mohnesh Kohli: Yes, I have seen sites ranking with only social media work.

Thomas Rosenstand: Absolutely!?

James Svoboda: Yes.  I'm seeing evidence of social signals influencing results.  Specifically for personal connections through Google+.  It is only a matter of time that it becomes blatantly apparent that they are influencing results as a whole and not just for your personalized connections.?

Jill's Comment: As you might imagine from my article on SEO and Social Media, quite frankly I'm shocked that some still believe Google is not using this information!

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