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High Rankings Question of the Week

April 10, 2013

This week I asked my social media followers:

++Are you happy, sad or indifferent when Google puts out a new Panda / Penguin update?++

Here's how they responded:


robdwoods: Happy that search "should" get better. Happy that I have more prospective clients. Sad for "innocent" sites that get hit.

Question of the Week
Jeremy Rivera: I'm not worried about our content being thin, or our link building to be spammy, so it's more a spectator thing for me personally. I can see how it'd be of interest to those who may take on clients who engaged in shady activity before they become clients, though.

Conor Treacy
: I love seeing the new releases.  It's always great to hear people running around saying "the sky is falling!"  My thoughts--if they hadn't done anything wrong, and refuse to learn from their mistakes, then they wouldn't be concerned about the new releases!?


Chris Tucker: Indifferent.

Dianna Huff: Indifferent. Good marketing / writing / SEOing can't be Panda-ized (I hope, anyway).

Ann Donnelly:Sad because it means everyone will be going on about it ;)  Ditto what Dianna said.

Steven Musumeche
: All of the above? Depends if it improves the algo or not. Lately that is not the case.

Karon Thackston: Depends on the update, but mostly indifferent. When you apply time-tested SEO methods to your copy / site it takes the fear out of updates. Can't say that I ever remember being happy about any update in particular.

Jill's Comment: I'm always extremely happy when Google does any new update. It means they're cleaning up the search results and forcing website owners to make their sites better. You can no longer rest on your laurels and assume you will continue to make money via your website.

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