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High Rankings Question of the Week

June 13, 2012

To go along with this week's article on getting ahead in Google, I asked my social media followers:

++How do you get ahead in Google when selling the same products as a zillion other sites?++

Here's how they responded:


jasonventer: Isn't the best answer to NOT sell the same products as a zillion other sites? That or clever branding, I guess.

DavidWallace: Have a better content marketing strategy than your competitors.

foodbuff: Add videos showing off the products.
High Rankings Question of the Week
KeriMorgret: By not having the same content as the zillion other sites.  

Hbgreg: More and higher quality reviews and citations. Preferably on G+.

DuaneForrester: Wow people with presentation and depth of details. YOU become the resource they reference. ;)

Webtones: Unique content for the user on the product, some anchor text links to it from strong pages & researched titles.

KonigsbergDavid: Be creative. Example: dollar shave club.

Pavlicko: Promotional messaging, trust and ease of checkout, and cast a big ass net on your target buyers.

Realicity: To start, optimize conversion rates so that you are doing more with your existing traffic.

Pagesauce: By caring more, and showing that passion for your products through content, social etc. Plus some serious branding.


Matt Siltala: For us, with one of our e-com product sites it was figuring out the exact need of the industry we were in and going granular from there to fill that need. We had always done well in the space, but once we figured out our exact USP, and started targeting everything around it (content, images, reviews, solutions, press, etc.), it made dominating it much easier. I think it comes down to really figuring out your market needs and filling them. Don't keep trying to do what everyone else is doing because you will fail unless you have an unlimited budget. Find a need in your market and be that company that fills it.

Kevin Gallagher: By doing your research and understanding the needs and goals of your clients, then addressing them in your content. Knowing your audience.

Ari Strauch: I cannot say it any better then Kevin. Know your audience and provide the answers to their "questions" in your content and it should all work itself out with Google and everything else. Very well said Kevin.?


Dianna Huff: For B2B: Blog posts. Product pages. Educational content (i.e. reports and things), etc. Then add in a huge helping of SEO and social media.

Karon Price Thackston: Differentiate your site from the competition. If they carry the exact same products, offer something diff/better in other areas. Depending on the site, could be anything from training webinars to free shipping. This can boost links to your site from thrilled customers. Beef up your category pages in addition to adding unique content to your product pages. According to Econsultancy, 60% of people who search stay on category pages they find in the SERPs, but click away from individual product pages.

Catherine Baker: A Pinterest Strategy for social juice!

Eric Barfield: I agree with Karon and would add that you have to provide an *emotional* reason to buy from your site. Keep it personal to. This is even more true if you are not the cheapest or up against the big players.

Bradley Hunt: Write original product copy!

Tim O'Rourke: Be different. Create unique content. Market it in a different way. Take more pictures, create a video, be more interactive than the rest.

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