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High Rankings Question of the Week

June 27, 2012

To go along with this week's article I asked my social media followers:

++Got any tips for finding long-tail keywords that can be used when marketing your content?++

Here's how they responded:


MirandaM_EComm: Look at the terms that sites in your space are using – especially those more successful than you are. Good for companies on budget. Check out their Meta descriptions, titles, subtitles, image captions, etc. for long-tail phrases.

robinlmay: I usually data mine through analytics, check search results (mixed web, images).

ashbuckles: Look at related searches on G/Y/B/YouTube/etc., review competitor's content, look at analytics, ask sales/marketing team.
Question of the Week
joehall: If you have a content-heavy site, you can usually find good long-tail keywords by browsing the list of referring keywords in Google Analytics.

ann_donnelly: Google Analytics is a good way to find long-tail keywords that some used. If they convert, optimise better for them.

markkennedysem: If you have an AdWords account, the search query report can be valuable for finding long-tails as well as their conversion rates.


Chris Tucker: My favorite pastime is typing 2 or 3 words into GoogleBox and then creating the 4th out of suggestions G comes up with, starting with "a", "b", "c," and so on. It's fun too!


Nick Usborne: Sure. Invite your readers to submit content. Then use their headlines as the final headlines. Some of my site pages with the very most organic traffic have resulted from headlines written by readers, without any regard for SEO. : )

Brian Thackston: My basic toolkit would have to be Analytics reports, Adwords Keyword tool, Wordtracker's "Keywords Questions" tool, Google Sets, Soovle, and good ole' fashioned intuition.?

Karen Dadswell: Great suggestions already but also on site search data and AdWords search query reports?.

AskJoanne: I like using SEMRush to search on my "head phrases," then analyze what comes up in the phrase match reports to find good long-tail phrases.

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 Zachary said:
I don't use it VERY often but I kinda like this idea I picked up a while ago. search queries using ~(tilde) to find "related" terms that aren't as popular.

For example. If I wanted to find terms related to marketing or SEO I might use a query like ~marketing -marketing or ~seo -seo You can continue to filter the terms by adding an additional negative. i.e. ~marketing -marketing -media etc...

Note* the test is so small in this comment I want to point out that the mark in front of the first letter is a tilde.

 Rob said:
Another one for the list: HitTail. It's a long tail keyword tool that mines a website's existing traffic and pulls out the keywords that are almost working, but just need a little push to make it to the front page. With a short blog post you should show up on the first page of the SERPS.