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High Rankings Question of the Week

December 5, 2012

To go along with this week's article on duplicate content, I asked my social media followers:

++What sorts of duplicate content do you see frequently on websites which cause SEO issues?++

Here's how they responded:

Question of the Week
Dan Shure: Two of the SAME WEBSITE at different domains. (And they're like "what's wrong with this?") (Really, no joke.)

roachdawg: Dynamically generated URLs is always a good one.

Sha Menz
: Poor site restructures where developers just made new folders with duplicate info on same site rather than deal with it :(


Bob Gladstein: Sometimes choices made in faceted navigation don't change the results, so you end up with pages that are very nearly (and sometimes exactly) duplicates. But because that choice may in some cases create a unique page, it's not necessarily easy to decide which pages to either noindex or canonicalize to a different version.


Kevin Gallagher: Product descriptions still.

Matt Morgan: Page titles and meta descriptions are often overlooked and reported in GWT HTML Improvements section. Another is when the main blog page is displaying the entire post.?

Thomas Rosenstand: Pagination and sort functions are the worst. And believe it or not: Some web agencies still create sites where internal search results can be indexed. Huge amounts of duplicate content there as well.

Trey Collier: Site restructuring without 301 redirects properly implemented. Thin content for like or similar products, e.g., same pattern rug with different colors and/or styles.

William Rock
: Product descriptions on eCommerce sites.

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 Dave Lerner said:
When the Associated Press or other wire services cover a speech by the President or any major news event, the same exact story shows up on newspaper and news websites all over the country (or the world). Does Google consider that duplicate content?
 Jill Whalen said:
@Dave, it's duplicate content, but it's not necessarily bad. Google does make a distinction between news and regular website content.
 Trey Collier said:
I don't see any issue with dynamically generated URLs. (was an issue years ago ) To clarify, I don't believe there is an issue with a dynamically generated URL where the same page is automatically generated and served by the same dynamically generated URL. Now there should be an issue if the same page is shown by multiple URLs (duplication of content issues)