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High Rankings Question of the Week

August 22, 2012
This week I asked my social media followers:

++How (if at all) have you changed your SEO copy/content writing strategy in light of Panda/Penguin?++

Here's how they responded:


Dianna Huff: Have not made any changes. :-)

Dave Snyder: We didn't change it. Our focus on quality was just validated...both for large and small copy projects.

John Tully: I'm with Dianna. I haven't made any changes because I felt I never used any iffy techniques previously and subsequently haven't seen any major issues post Panda/Penguin. I also accept that I might be being a bit naive about it...


John Griffith: Haven't changed copy recommendations at all - none of the sites we built or optimized for clients were significantly impacted by Panda / Penguin.

Jenny Stradling: Content has always been important in SEO, but I am seeing some trends that have slightly changed my content recommendations. For example, many of my client's seem to be getting better organic rankings/traffic from Google to their blog pages than their regular content pages. Although my recommendation is to still optimize your main landing pages for your root keyword phrases, I recommend a lot more focus be placed on the website blog for similar supporting secondary keyword phrases. They are easier to rank and if written properly, can still lead the reader/visitor to the relevant LP in the sited that will convert better than the blog post they landed on.


eamzallag: I did some testing and noticed that seoish copy at the bottom of ecommerce category pages can hurt short tail rankings.

Jill's Comment: Thanks for you input everyone. Glad to see that my peeps have known how to do SEO the right way long before the Penguin poop hit the fan! Also @eamzallag and @Jenny I've seen the same on many sites I've reviewed, so I totally agree!

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