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High Rankings Question of the Week

July 3, 2013

To go along with this week's article I asked my social media followers:

++What supposed SEO techniques do you still see being employed on websites that in reality do nothing to help?++

Here's how they responded:


Tony_DWM: Keyword tag, in-site heavy keyword anchor text (no variety), keyword stuffing at top of page, home page links to home page.

lenwood: Long list of keyword links in 6-pt. font in the site footer. I just came across this again last week.
HRA Question of the Week
jonoalderson: Every agency report I ever see from competitors goes on about H1 tags. Painful demonstration of a core lack of understanding.

Marie_Haynes: Meta keywords. Bolding keywords. Writing "Jill Whalen is my hero" in a hidden div.

Comment from Jill: Marie, I've heard that last one really DOES work! ;)


David Wright: Meta keywords.

Gisele Glosser: Keyword density, keyword stuffing, meta tag obsessions...each as a stand-alone fix-it-all.

Quirky Oak Artisan Jewelry: Keyword meta tags, bolded keywords, and the same keyword repeated throughout the page content again and again.

Laura Lawrence: Link "title" novellas.

Brian Harnish: Keyword density, keyword stuffing, 300+ words in the meta description.

Oral Seymour: I still can't believe people still buy search engine and directory submission packages......Get submitted to 50 search engines and 1,000 directories for $499!

Bob Gladstein: Nofollows on internal links.

Karon Thackston: Sticking keywords/phrases everywhere you possibly can.

John Tully: Looong lists of towns and cities where the company supposedly does work in.


James Fairlie: Keyword Clouds when used simply to cram a few more keywords onto a page.?

Rudy Lopes: Had a client's WordPress site that stuffed a bunch of keywords into the site title -- which in turn placed it in the meta title for every page on the site. The prior "SEO consultant" thought this was a great idea.

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