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High Rankings Question of the Week

October 17, 2012

To go along with this week's article on promoting artwork online, I asked my followers:

++Where are some places online to promote artwork?++

Because it was a fairly specific question, I didn't receive too many responses, but the ones I did should further provide Kate with some ideas for promoting her art. Here's how my followers responded:
Social Media

AchooAllergy: One personal art promotion site:


Eric Barfield: Saachi Online, DeviantArt, FB. But local artists' network sites seem to be better as viewers are often local so can come and see artist.


Alec Rippberger: of course!

Kevin Gallagher: If it's photography then Instagram and then use Instacanvas.

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 Alyice Edrich said:
Think about the audience who would buy your specific type of artwork and then look for blogs and communities with that target market. Build relationships with people. I've found if you stick specifically with a community of artists, it's harder to sell your work because they're also creating their own works and don't necessarily need the art of others, and are far more selective in their art purchases.

So, for instance, if you create art that caters to babies, you could hang out with "mommy bloggers". You could guest post on mommy blogs, and you could pitch articles in mommy-related magazines.