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How to Fix a Wrong URL in Google and Bing

April 10, 2013

Hi Jill,
After building a new page on our website, we accidentally provided Google with an incomplete URL and are now trying to get this corrected. We resubmitted the sitemap twice and also submitted the correct URL to Google with Fetch as the Googlebot, but the page still doesn't display correctly when people access it through Google or Bing.

Our page URLs have parameters, which may be a complicating factor in this. Is there anything else we can do to expedite the process of having Google recrawl the site and pick up the correct URL?


++Jill's Response++

Hi Don,

If you 301-redirect the bad URL to the correct one, that should do the trick. It will not only get people to the correct URL before the search engines update things, but it should also serve to speed up their updating process.



Jill Whalen has been an SEO Consultant and the CEO of Jill Whalen High Rankings, a Boston area SEO Company since 1995. Follow her on Twitter @JillWhalen

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