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August 2, 2006

Hi Jill,

I'm a faithful reader of your newsletter. You were talking
about robots.txt files and how you want to use them to prevent the search
engines from indexing duplicating information
. I use a Miva cart and custom
Miva pages.  My index.php file only says:




So, when you type, it goes right to

My question is, am I causing a problem in the search engines when I ask
others to link to me as Will I cause a search engine to raise a
flag because of the way this is set up?

Thank You,


++Jill's Response++

Hi Cindy,

If that redirects via a 301 permanent redirect it should be fine.  You can
check the http header response by typing your site URL into the search box

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 Michael Alwill said:
Hi Jill,

I have been reading your High Ranking Advisorer site for afew year now. I think YOUR GREAT! .
I have a question - Our Main [removed] site ranks well in google.
But we also have 3 other sites [removed] .
my qustion 2 fold is why do we do well with for [the main site] and the other
three sites do so poor? How can I rank better for all and what I’m I doing wrong with all sites.

Thank you so much for any help or advise you can offer we are a small company and do all our own sites.

God Bless you Jill
Michael Alwill
 Jill said:
Hi Michael,

You don’t rank for all the sites because that would be spamming Google. 4 sites for the same business all ranking well would provide you with an unfair advantage, so Google will only show one of the sites.

Hope this helps!

 Susan said:

Why not use the DirectoryIndex directive in your .htaccess file? That way you’ll still get to the URL, but with a 200 response instead of 301 (or other) response. This should work:

DirectoryIndex /new-index.html

Also, since you are using MIVA Merchant, I assume you’re planning to use robots.txt to block spider access from /Merchant2/ - assuming of course that your custom pages exist in a directory other than /Merchant2/ (or exist at the root level). That’s what I do with my MIVA Merchant site, which also has custom pages.

Good luck!