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The hardest part of SEO is...? - Twitter Question of the Week #TQW

August 5, 2009
My Twitter question for this week was:

"The hardest part of SEO is...?"

The reason I asked was that, in developing my new Kindle Reviews website:

I found myself getting a little bit stuck when trying to determine the best site architecture for it. For me, it's one of the most difficult aspects of the SEO process because it takes a whole lot of organizational skills, which I kinda lack. Determining the site architecture can be a bit overwhelming.

Others had different areas where they got stuck. Here are some of the more interesting responses:

@SusanEsparza – Explaining to my friends what I do. "No, it's not actually changing the search engines..."

@msmichellediane – Figuring out where to begin, what to read and whom to listen to when you're just starting out, building your first site.

@danthies – Ignoring all the distractions to implement the basics.

@LisaBarone – Deciding if I'm a guru, an expert or just a goddamn ninja.

@macgenie – Having the patience and persistence to implement all the great stuff you learn from your favorite experts. :-)

@cyandle – Making sure the client understands NOT to overwrite all of the hard work that went into the SEO project...

@CarrieHill – Getting client & webmaster to buy in on ALL pieces of the puzzle. Structure, URLs, content, keywords, etc. (if we aren't the webmaster :).

I was surprised that most of the answers were about the process of getting clients to consider doing SEO, rather than the SEO process itself. So I clarified my question and retweeted:

"Rephrasing a bit: The hardest part of the SEO *process* is...?"

The retweet got me some answers more along the lines I was looking for:

@SEOSEM – The hardest part of SEO is good external link acquisition campaigns.

@chrbutler – Creating content worth being searched for.

@vikassah – Hardest part of SEO is keyword research.

@balibones – The hardest part of the SEO *process* is getting high quality external links. When done right, it's always time consuming.

@BDids – The hardest part of SEO is waiting...for links...for ranks...but, it's worth it.

@robdwoods – Creating compelling content.

It appears that, aside from getting clients or bosses to actually implement SEO, the hardest part for most people is link building and content building. Guess I'm the only one with site architecture disabilities. Or, more likely, many don't go that far with their SEO process because it's fairly complicated to get it right.

You can see all the great replies via the #TQW search on Twitter.

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 M.-J. Taylor said:
Yes, the hardest part is external link building, and getting the client to create the content to attract it. Or maybe the hardest part is figuring out what Google really wants. Or maybe how that site got ahead of mine! Oh, wait, they have more good, external links.
 Tomas Busse said:
SEO is about marketing so the first and at least for me the hardest is - who are my audience and what do they search for if at all how can I make what I am selling compelling and interesting and then the work begins titles descriptions internal links external links too little too much etc. Most of my SEO is in Germany so its a bit easier than in English.
 Chetna said:
Yeah Sure.. the hardest part is the appropriate content with right kind of keywords which are searched for if that goes correct rest everything easily follows....
 Justin Tyler said:
The hardest part for me without doubt is the link building, the external side of search engine optimisation!