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Al's Formal Wear Google Adwords Success Story

Alís Formal Wear rents and sells menís formal wear tuxedos and suits. There are over 100 Alís Formal Wear stores located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Colorado.

Our challenge was to optimize their Google Adwords campaign to improve its performance by maximizing their existing monthly budget in such a way as to increase their number of conversions.

For this website, a conversion was each time a potential customer completes their "Alís portfolio event sign up form." Each of these form completions provides the Alís Formal Wear marketing department with valuable contact information which they then use for additional marketing purposes. This further promotion and marketing of their tuxedos and suits to potential customers is what often converts them into customers.

Case Study:

We started working on the Google Adwords Account tune-up and clean up in June 28, 2010. Our case study data is from the time period of when we started through October 28, 2010. We compared this time period to that of the same period in the prior year to account for seasonal fluctuations. 


During our time frame, with our Google Adwords Account tune-up, with the same budget allocation, we increased total number of conversions for Al's Formal Wear by 153.11%. We also lowered the average cost per click from $0.91 to $0.31 which in turn resulted in 201.73% increase in paid search visits to the site.

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