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Forum Thread of the Week - Google SideWiki

September 30, 2009
Have you heard about Google's new project called "SideWiki" yet?

We've opened up a forum thread to discuss it here:

Google's SideWiki

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 Titu said:
Google should not forget how big Yahoo was and how it fell down!!! do not try to to control the people or they will kick you out!!!
 ayub said:
I love google very much and it is my daily part of Life. But I do not think side wiki implementation would be a wise decision, for the first time people started to hate google for their side wiki. Indeed it is taking away many benefits from the web masters and web users.
 Bob-StoneWizard said:
I HATE SideWiki! Google needs me, I do not need Google. I will remove Google completely!!!
 Mazin said:
I hate when they change the way it looks. Makes me angry pissed I feel want to punsh the computer screen and crush it down.