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The Value Of Online Articles

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#16 Debra


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Posted 06 August 2003 - 09:24 PM

I agree so much about the people who can talk up a storm but can't write, and vice versa

Hey! I resemble that remark!

#17 Haystack


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Posted 07 August 2003 - 01:51 PM

Thanks sheriw, that is a really good idea. I think I'll give that a try with a client.

#18 denver


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Posted 08 August 2003 - 12:12 AM

OK, so we agree that writing articles, white papers, etc, is good SEO grist to our respective mills. We've bandied around a few methods for getting them written.

What happens after they're written?

Naturally you put them up on your own web-site.

I assume that you encourage people to link to them and, properly attributed, even to reproduce them.

What else do you do with them?

What about Press Releases?

Do any of the PR submission services actually work?

Any clues here?


#19 Debra


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Posted 08 August 2003 - 12:15 AM

Good questions for Karon! She has the inside skinny on all this. I'll be sure she reads this thread and gets back to us.

#20 copywriter


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Posted 08 August 2003 - 08:02 AM

Hi Denver! Welcome! :lmao:

What happens after they're written?

After they are written, you send them out to the masses. And the Web is an excellent place to do that. Check out these submission resources:Go Articles
Click for Content
Idea Marketers
Sharper Training
Ultimate Profits
Marketing Seek
Author Connection
Business Know How
Then there is my list of publishers. **Shameless plug!** I can submit your articles to over 3,900 publishers who have opted into my various lists. You can see my Ezine Article Submission service.

As for press releases, yes, they really do get picked up and they really do work. But you're right... distribution is as much a part as writing a great release. I write press releases, but I don't distribute. I just don't have the time to make the necessary contacts to do it right.

In all honesty, I haven't found any good, free press release distribution services. PR Web is OK, but a lot of junk gets posted there since it is free.

Business Wire is *much* better, but it costs about $650 to get set up and launch your first release. (It gets cheaper after that.) However, they do have consultants that work with you, allow you to specifically target who and where you want the release sent, etc.

The clients I have that have used Business Wire have choked over the price but said it was well worth it once it was done.

And where's Jill? She gets press coverage a good bit. Maybe she can shed some light on getting interviews.

Anyway, hope it helps!


PS - Edited to fix my screwed up formatting :notworthy:

Edited by copywriter, 08 August 2003 - 08:41 AM.

#21 Jill


    Recovering SEO

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Posted 08 August 2003 - 08:30 AM

Actually, we've been discussing free publicity, etc., in the Does Free Pr Work?, Can you really get business this way? thread.

Probably should continue this conversation there, and keep this one to the value of online articles...


#22 copywriter


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Posted 08 August 2003 - 08:36 AM

Cool! I'll head over there.

#23 Peter


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Posted 09 August 2003 - 10:10 PM

Hi everybody,

Interesting thread! Especially the "left-right brain" I liked. I never knew I had 2 brains,... ;)

This whole thing about the web site not getting the appreciation it deserves, even if it brings in 70% of the customers, has everything to do with the always pressent problems between technology and commerce.

Comercial people and technical people live in 2 completely different worlds. The web site, the internet is part of the technical world. Companies are managed by comercial people. So you do the math,....

The website is not apreciated as much as it should.

The comercial people will never acknowledge that the web site sells because it is the sales (wo)man that in the end closes a deal.

Online articles work very good. But how do you convince the managment (Comercial people) to invest in this?

The most effective but also not the smartest way is a technical problem. The web site is off line for at least a month. The sales people will get bored and it becomes clear that those pages on the internet are more important than they realised. You could have the person you want to convince try to imagine this scenario.

A better way is to get the data. Show where all those leads are comming from. Make huges lists, a big presentation. You need to convince a comercial people that can't see the importance of a few words in one single email. If you show you have put in some real time to convince them and do that with some real data, you will be surprised of the effect it will have.

Just play their game, and you will get the investment (money, people, time, etc.) that you need.



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