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Using Wordpress To Host Api Powered Pages

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#16 japanen


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Posted 18 August 2015 - 09:44 PM

Whats with the abuse? I am just sharing some experience and seeking some advice.


I asked:


"Does anybody have experience of wordpress hosted sites having pages ranked that do not fit in with the usual wordpress page / post format?"


I did not say blogs where [img]http://www.highrankings.com/forum/style_images/poo.gif[/img] and get downgraded just because they are blogs.


I did say that Google likely reads wordpress header code and makes an informed guess as to the nature of the site. Wordpress does have a clear format - what it calls pages and posts. The site I am asking about does not, repeat DOES NOT, fit in with that standard page and post set up. 


I do suspect, from previous experience, that Wordpress gets ranked in a certain way. Not necessarily badly. Not punished. Not low-ranked. Not treated just as a blog. Not abused. Not delisted from the top 40 brands in the world. Not added as a supporter of terrorism.


Just to be clear again - I am not saying:




All I am saying is this...


That Google will presume the nature of the site (ie it only has posts and pages - as that is wordpress).


If it has something else that sits under the same domain, but is pulled in via API, then it may ignore those other pages because it is only looking for the standard wordpress set up of pages and posts.


As for the ranking, I also mentioned, new pages and posts are ranked almost instantly. Also, its 2015, not 2005 so please stop being silly about people linking to it. That hasn`t mattered since the branding algorithms started kicking in around 2008/09. 


As for the rest of your nonsense.


Wordpress is used on a lot of sites. Amazing. That must mean its perfect. Nothing to do with the fact its free and any moron can set it up. Nothing to do with the fact most host services offer it. Nothing to do with the fact wordpress.com is cheap and easy to use. Nothing to do with most web designers can only really work on wordpress and they sell web solutions to thousands of poor clients around the world. 


Big sites use it.




In many instances it is the best thing to use. It doesnt mean its the best solution for every other type of site out there.


How many of these big sites use it for their main site? Is BBC.com pure Wordpress powered? How about BBCs iPlayer? 


Is AirBnB wordpress powered?


How about Facebook, is it just using the buddypress plugin?


Does Best Buy power all of its listings, ecommerce and credit card billing through Wordpress? Is customer data stored there?


Please, tell me... I want to know more about your insight.


Your own company uses Wordpress.




I also heard that John Smith`s blog is on wordpress. 

Unless you`re running Uber and you put your success down purely to your awesome content, hosted on Wordpress, it doesnt much matter, does it.


Wordpress powers lots of different sites.


Yes. and they are all using plugins and themes that are hacking the page / post wordpress set up.


Its unlikely any of these sites are going to become the next Amazon any time soon.


Look, Wordpress is a great platform and has allowed a lot of people to get online. I am not knocking it. I use it myself. I find great content ranked highly on it. The site I am talking about here is Wordpress powered and it has its advantages.


I do however have experience of it performing differently in different areas. If you want to get ranked for a page or post - then its perfect. If your content is good, and all the .orgs and .edus in the world link to you, then you will get to the top. 


Likewise if you use blogger, Google Sites, and hey, even some tumblr guys pull it off.


But I am not talking about blogs, I am talking about using a primarily blogging platform, in a non-blogging way, via an API and getting those additional pages ranked.


As for your comment about HTML.


It doesnt show you in a good light.

#17 Jill


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Posted 19 August 2015 - 08:46 AM

If it has something else that sits under the same domain, but is pulled in via API, then it may ignore those other pages because it is only looking for the standard wordpress set up of pages and posts.



All anyone here is trying to tell you is that Google would not ignore those pages so you should look for another answer besides that. It's all just HTML to Google. As long as the new pages you have are crawlable and have unique content, there's no reason why Google wouldn't index them. Have you made sure they're not being blocked via robots.txt or a noindex tag?

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