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Would You Guys Pay To Be Members Of An Seo Site?

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#1 amazinjosh


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Posted 26 May 2013 - 07:24 PM

Hi everyone,


I've literally just joined this site as I wanted to get the opinion of the SEO community on something (I'm not sure if this is the right area to do so?).


I've been doing SEO for 3+ years now and although I consider myself good at it now, it's something that took me a long time to learn. While I fully understand that SEO is always going to require a certain amount of hands on practice and trail and error approaches, I believe the reason it took so long to learn well is due to the huge amount of misinformation out there.


Yes, there are sites like SEOMoz which are excellent as resources, but I find that their posts tend to be edging towards the advanced site of SEO (e.g. case studies etc). To me, there seems to be a bit of a gap between learning the absolute basics (e.g. this is a link, this is anchor text, this is a meta tag) and the more advanced stuff (e.g. increasing conversion rates for guest post outreach).


What's more, for every piece of great SEO advice out there, there's tonnes of not-so-great advice, which I believe makes it an extremely difficult thing to learn as it's hard to know what is correct and what isn't.


So, I was wondering, would any of you guys (either now or in the past when you were new to SEO) ever pay for a subscription based SEO course with regular advice?


I'm thinking of creating something like this myself; ideally a course that takes people through link building in a lot more detail, giving tips and tricks and then regular updates and advice (blog posts, videos etc) for a monthly fee. 


If the answer is yes, what kind of stuff do you think you'd like to see and how much would you pay?


P.S. This isn't built yet and I'm not asking anyone for any money, I just want your opinion(s).



#2 chrishirst


    A not so moderate moderator.

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 07:44 AM

Personally, no I wouldn't because 95% of so-called "SEO advice" is complete, but if I did you are reading at the ONLY place worth considering, and AVOIDING the pseudo-scientific clap-trap of SEOMoz would be best.


Well, that is UNLESS, you want to be continually changing your "strategy" at every turn, when Google changes parts of their algorithms.

#3 Mikl


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Posted 27 May 2013 - 08:12 AM

I'm not sure if I would pay money in my present circumstances - not least because HighRankings.com has taught me so much - and is teaching me still - without any cost to myself.


However, if you really think you can explain the theory from first principles (what is anchor text? what is a meta tag? etc), then I you might well have a winner.


Personally, I would love to have access to some really basic advice on how to promote a business through social media. I've read so much about that subject, but everything I've read starts with the assumption that the reader already knows what social media is all about. What I want is something aimed at a person who has just arrived from Mars (what is a tweet? what does it mean to "like" something?). That's seems to me is where the gap in the market is.


That said, don't base your business plan on what I've just said. People at my high level of ignorance are probably a tiny minority.



#4 Jill


    Recovering SEO

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 08:26 AM

My day long seminar does what you're talking about. The problem becomes when you're charging for an ongoing subscription. Only tricks change, not real SEO. 

#5 Mikl


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Posted 28 May 2013 - 10:25 AM



It occurs to me that there might be a better way for you to capitalise on your knowledge.


If you are really sure you can explain SEO techniques from absolutely first principles (which I would guess is much harder than it sounds), and if you are confident that you have both the technical knowledge and the editorial skills, consider writing an e-book on the subject, and market it through Amazon's and/or Barnes & Noble's publishing platform.


Doing that might take more effort than creating a website. The advantage would be that people are more accustomed to paying money for an e-book than for access to a website, so it might be easier to sell. Also, you woulnd't have to worry about actually collecting payments from your customers, as the publishing platform takes care of that for you.


I don't know whether you would end up making more money that way, but it must surely be worth considering.



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