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Link Source Diversity

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#1 EddyGonzalez


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Posted 09 July 2010 - 05:39 AM

I realise that obtaining ten links from one site isn't as good as one link from 10 sites. But I could do with an explanation on how this also applies to 10 links from a very authoritative site such as the BBC. I mean if I'm getting link juice from 10 different pages on a very authoritive domain, thats got to be a good thing right? on a par to 10 links from 10 different sites?


#2 Jill


    Recovering SEO

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 06:50 AM

I mean if I'm getting link juice from 10 different pages on a very authoritive domain, thats got to be a good thing right?


on a par to 10 links from 10 different sites?

Who knows?

But if you have the opportunity to get them, just do it regardless.

#3 qwerty


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Posted 09 July 2010 - 12:10 PM

It's not an absolute rule that links from different domains are worth more than links from the same domain, because the authority of the domain(s) and pages linking to you is going to be factored into the equation. Yes, it's good to get links from a variety of sites, and it may raise a red flag if a large percentage of your total links are all coming from a single domain, but it's also a matter of context.

If you're a recognized expert on glass blowing, and almost every time the BBC publishes an article on glass blowing they quote you and link to your site, that's great. If the footer of every page on the BBC's site contains a link to you anchored by the words "glass blowing," that's bound to be viewed as advertising.

It also follows that if you're a recognized expert on glass blowing who's quoted by the BBC practically every time they publish an article on the subject, there are going to be plenty of other sites that recognize your expertise and link to you for the same reason.

For years, people have been writing that the important thing about backlinks is that they appear natural -- that they represent an editorial decision rather than a business transaction. I've always felt that if the links really are natural, they're likely to appear natural.

So the trick is that it's not a trick. If you can actually get 10 links from a highly authoritative site, you're bound to have links from plenty of other sites, so those 10 aren't going to look weird.

#4 Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 01:07 PM

If you're looking at "correlation studies", understand that there is no science behind any of the correlation studies that have been published in the SEO industry.

If you're looking at search technology patents, understand that a LOT of other factors are being taken into consideration. In fact, links are not the most important factor in search engine optimization, so it's better not to obsess over links.

If you're looking at multitudes of discussions on SEO blogs and SEO forums where people blather on about link diversity, diversification, broad or robust link profiles, etc., remember that this is just one aspect of developing an optimized Website. The primary reason why you want links from a lot of sites is that you are casting your net farther -- you may get more traffic from many sites.

Context says a lot about what is happening, too. For example, if you have 1,000 inbound links and 100 of them come from one site, should those 100 links all really carry 10% of the weight of the value your site is given by a search engine? That assigns a great deal of trust and power to one Website out of hundreds. That's hardly reasonable. Search engines do try to look at things like this to normalize or temper their algorithmic judgement of how much value a link provides.

Or suppose you get 10 links from 1 page on 1 site. Should all those links really matter? Supposedly, the search engines normalize this value -- and it doesn't matter whether the SEO community's guesswork on how that occurs is correct. What you need to take away from that is that counting on multiple links from 1 page is a low-value proposition -- there isn't much hope of good ROI in that kind of strategy.

Or suppose that you get 1,000 links from 1,000 sites but each of your links is embedded on a page that links out to 1,000 other sites. You're not going to accrue much value from any of those links so the search engines might allow them to pass what value they can -- or they might conclude you are engaging in a pattern of link building abuse and decide to block those links from passing value to you.

Then again, what if you obtain 1,000 links from only 20 sites over a 10-year period of time? Maybe those are well-behaved sites that link out to many other sites and you just don't get much recognition. In that case, perhaps all your 1,000 links should help you in some way.

And again, suppose 100 of your inbound links come from 1 site that deep-links to 100 of your pages on as many of its own pages? Should those links be deemed suspicious or should they be used as an indicator that you are a high-value influencer?

You can ask 1,000 questions about how links are placed and why. Search engines ask those questions faster than we can think of them. So before you commit yourself to a lifetime of obtaining links from every possible source at any cost, think about how easily those links can be devalued (or valued) based on factors that have nothing to do with PageRank or how many sites link to you or how many links you get from one site.

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