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Site Review Please

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5 replies to this topic

#1 aquatix


    HR 3

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 10:43 AM

I run cpap.net and we used to be in the top 3 for Google. We've fallen to the 20s, but still rank in the top 3 for all other engines, like Yahoo!, etc...

The term we're going for is cpap

I would love some constructive criticism as to why we may have dropped in Google... I'm pulling my hair out!

Is this site completed or under construction? The site is completed.

If completed:
How long has the site been up? 5 years

Do you have incoming links? yes

What keywords are you targeting? cpap

Do you want your code reviewed for errors or improvements? yes, please smile.gif

Who is your target audience? Think about:
Age Range
Income/Education level

People of all ages with Sleep APnea

The more you tell us about your target audience, the better. We don't know them- you do!

Why is your site different from sites selling/offering similar info/goods/services? Why will someone want to do business you? Lower prices and good customer service

How important is usability? Important.

What is the purpose of the site? (inform, sell, online community, support B&M business, contact info only, etc) Sell cpap machines

Do you want design suggestions? Sure smile.gif

Thanks in advance!

#2 1dmf


    Keep Asking, Keep Questioning, Keep Learning

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 11:05 AM

You have 60 validation errors on the home page alone. http://validator.w3....%...ine&group=0

Most of your title tags are identical as well as your meta descriptions. No decent KWD relevant alt attributes on images (hyperlinked or not), etc. etc.

The site itself seems ok, though it seems the cpap page has images missing for the sub-categories?

Firstly I would read the pinned thread for newbies, as you don't seemed to have applied any of the basics of SEO at all.

#3 Catz


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Posted 27 February 2010 - 07:53 PM

How about some site content on your internal pages? There is some info on the home page and that is about it.

The cpap page has the word listed a few times but no content. Considering that is the focus of your website, you need some actual content, in text on your pages besides a bunch of links and images.

Your font size is tiny, long paragraphs without a break in the descriptions.

The info at the bottom of the home page might be better in an FAQ page rather than super low on the home page. That's the most content you have in the site.

Is there some reason you are only focusing on one term? Focus should be expanded to a wider variety of terms. Sleep apnea should be a main focus, since you are trying to reach patients with this condition.

How many people with sleep apnea are going to be searching exclusively for cpap?

The titles and descriptions do need to be unique for each page, and the pages they relate to need some actual content.

#4 Schevikhoven


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Posted 04 March 2010 - 02:18 PM

Hi Aquatix!

I took a quick look at the page, and i came up with a few points that imho could prove useful:
1.) You have the same title for many pages, like for example these:

If there is no reason or big techical problematics in giving the pages their own titles it might be one thing to improve. Titles are not only invented to be stuffed with keywords, but they are one of the most important things that attract users to click on a search result. With a good title the #2 or #3 result might get higher clicks than the #1 search result.
Obviously titles are also a good place to put keywords in them. If you think your customer also search by brand or product name, cosider putting those in the title.

2.) Not really a SEO issue, but out of my experience in running ecommerce for 4 years, putting price tags on items increases their sales. You seem to have quite a few items with no price tags on them. Again, i dont know if there is a special reason not to put the pricetag there, but people are lazy by nature - if they find an other shop selling that product and they think the price is ok, they might not even ask you for a price.
EDIT HERE: I saw that resmed and respironics dont allow you to publish prices. If this is the case for the products i saw then it is my mistake to suggest this. You could inform customers about that on the pricelist page too tough.

3.) Whats with the three contact us boxes btw?
Example page: www.cpap.net/cpap_manufacturers_aeiomed.htm

You could consider moving the contact us box to the top below the "order today, ship out today" text. That way it would seem to be in a logical and easy to find place, at least that is what i think.

4.) On your contact page, consider making a contact form for your website. We use a contact form on our 200 to 400 visitors/day page, and people use it tens of times a day. A contact box could also be placed in the footer or the sidebar of the page with the title filled with something like "Question about AEIOmed Everest 2". This is convinient for the users since they are 0 clicks away from asking you something when they have a question.

5.) The footer texts/layout seems to be a little misplaced in IE8 / Vista 64. Not especially problematic, but could be a nice and easy fix for those days you feel like doing something easy.

6.) As a final note: Consider changing the header's "Americas premier discounter of cpaps since..." to a h1 text tag. I think that would give you a nice boost on cpaps as a keyword.
Generally the page seems to be easy to navigate and pretty responsive even from here in Finland. Keep up the good work!

Edited by chrishirst, 04 March 2010 - 04:24 PM.

#5 Mooro


    HR 4

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Posted 05 March 2010 - 04:18 AM

Initial title tag:

Where is the value in these words:

is America's premier discount provider of
since 1988

Those words make up the bulk of your index page's title and do not hold any relevancy or bring any value.

From your footer:

web designer | web designers salwater fish

There's not a jot of relevancy there.

If it's not relevant it's surpluss to needs.

From Google's PageSpeed - 78/100

Leverage browser caching
Optimize images
Serve resources from a consistent URL
Serve scaled images
Parallelize downloads across hostnames
Serve static content from a cookieless domain

From Yahoo's ySlow - 80/100 (v2)

Add expires headers
Compress components

Your HTML issues have been mentioned:

Result: 60 errors / 1 warning

line 104 column 116 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 104 column 207 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 118 column 128 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 129 column 178 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 257 column 172 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 258 column 162 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 261 column 114 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 262 column 114 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 282 column 145 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 283 column 116 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 284 column 152 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 285 column 116 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 286 column 116 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 287 column 116 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 288 column 130 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 289 column 116 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 309 column 214 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 310 column 209 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 311 column 203 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
line 312 column 149 - Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified

You're missing a trick on all those alt tags that are missing!

You have one H1 tag on the page that says this:

Prices have been Discounted 25% - 75%... Call (800) 428-7452 to order today!

Where is not a jot of value there either.

2004 © Copyright Cpap World - is in such a light font it's hard to read, no wonder it's years out of date.

I've got to ask... Where's the buy now buttons? Where are the calls to action?

#6 Catz


    HR 5

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 02:16 AM

Saw the cpap on Dr. Oz the other day and thought of your questions.

Maybe you could use this to your advantage in some way.


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