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Google Adding Keywords To My Campaign.

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#1 DavidPinto


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Posted 22 February 2010 - 08:16 PM

I am a self employed small business. I do Paintless dent repair for a living, and created and manage my own goolge ad campaign since 2005. I have only had 1 campaign the entire time. I have 5 ad groups that I have created slowley over time. In feb 2009, I ventured into adding content advertising. It worked very well for me as a picture is worth 1000 "key"words. I work fixing minor dings, and rarely get into playing with my advertisment. If it isn't broke don't fix it, is they way I looked at it. In Jan 2010, my average monthly bill jumped 500%. I found out it was due to the mobile apps. I didn't really recall signing up on mobile apps, but may have. Either way, that started ticket #1. To find out if Mobile advertising was adhearing to the pre defined geographic locations I had set for my campaign 5 years ago. Still have no answer, even though I have been assured all clicks are verified. I have over 15 e-mails with the google rep. This mornings reply was

Hello David,

Thank you for your reply and I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
I've decided to escalate your issue again to our specialist team, which
will perform a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the issue.

These investigations can take some time, but I'll contact you to let you
know when our specialists have found a resolution.

I sincerely appreciate your patience while we investigate for you. Please
don't hesitate to reply directly to this email if you have more
information to add.

That is the second time it has been sent to the specialist team. Last time they got back to me that my keywords were too broad.
I had 38 google search clicks, 26 search partner clicks and 239 content clicks, of which 208 were on adsenseformobileapps.com.

so that was my first experience with google "help". Still open ticket.

After I decided to run through my "broad" keywords, I went to one of my smaller group ads I started just over a year ago. We had a very minor hail storn locally and I wanted to see if I could snag some business from it. when I saw all the keywords that were in that adgroupd, I couldn't believe some of them. I though, mabey somewher along the line, mabey I hit keywod generator and added them by accident, so I cleared out all the junk. Here is the log of the 28 keywords I removed on Feb 17th. at 10:21 am.

"auto body repair tools", "auto glass replacement", "auto windshield", "burton hail", "car body repair", "car glass", "hail damage reports", "hail love", "hail to the chief", "how to fix hail damage", "windshield glass", "windshield repair kits", "windshield repair training", "windshield replacement", car dent puller, dent pullers, dent removal tools, dent removal training, dent repair tools, dent tools, hailstone, hailstones, how to repair hail damage, paintless dent removal tools, paintless dent removal training, paintless dent repair tools, paintless dent repair training, paintless dent tools

As you can see, some are just JUNK keywords, such as "hail love" "hail to the chief" etc. Some such as "Dent removal training", and "windshield replacement", are high cost per click keywords, and do NOT reflect my business.

Here is what I deleted 2 days later from the SAME AD GROUP. Feb 19th at 7:45 am.

"auto body paint service", "auto body repair nj", "auto glass replacement repair", "auto windshield replacement", "auto windshields", "car glass repairs", "farmers mutual hail", "hail and kill", "hail pictures", "hail queen of heaven", "hail reports", "hail satan", "hail to the victors", "paint repair", "replace windshield", "weather hail", "windshield repair tools"

Again, "Auto body paint service" has a high click cost, "replace windshield" replaced "replace windshield" that I deleted 2 days before. And of course the "JUNK" keywords such as "hail satan" and "Hail and Kill"... come on now... I know I didn't miss THEM before.

So as I went through all my 5 groups deleting the keywords google added, I would go back to this group and see new keywords added even minutes later. I finally put the whole campaign on pause, and contacted google, unfortuntley I must have been to vague by mentioning just a few of the keywords I removed. Todays responce was the first, and they told me I added "windshield replacement" in July 2009. Even though I don't do replacement. I basically cut and pasted the same 2 days worth of deleted keywords I posted on here. I was still deleting keywords even after the ads were paused.

These are the type of issues I am recently running into with google. Their help desk is very adept at giving generic answers without being able to nail down yes/no answers. Someone posted "why does anyone use google help" I am a paintless dent repair technician who dabbles with advertising his business. I though that was who you asked when you had a problem with google. I have since ventured to other sites such as this to find answers, and vent complaints. Any Thoughts?

#2 SelfMade


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Posted 23 February 2010 - 06:38 AM

QUOTE(DavidPinto @ Feb 23 2010, 01:16 AM) View Post
Again, "Auto body paint service" has a high click cost, "replace windshield" replaced "replace windshield" that I deleted 2 days before. And of course the "JUNK" keywords such as "hail satan" and "Hail and Kill"... come on now... I know I didn't miss THEM before.

Any Thoughts?

David, in future when you select keywords enclose them in this syntax [ ]...it is an exact match..that will change things.

Its odd, very odd! How do you select your keywords, what EXACTLY do you do?


Edited by Kaz007, 23 February 2010 - 06:44 AM.

#3 DavidPinto


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Posted 23 February 2010 - 06:53 AM

Those keywords in quotes were copied and pasted straight off my google account history.

Paintless dent repair is the process of removing minor door dings on newer model cars with hand tools, so that there is no body work or repainting necassary. It has been around for a long time at automotive dealerships to clean up cars bought at autions and trade ins, to increase their value without body shop expense. Also, I do windshield chip repair. Small bullseyes, and star chips from rocks hitting the windshield. I fix them BEFORE they crack, so the glass does not have to be replace.

It is a niche business that is done mostly by large fanchises that cater mainly to the auto dealerships. I am independent. I have used the internet to build a retail customer base as well as my dealership and body shop accounts. ( I do work FOR body shops, but do not DO body shop style repairs).

If I am allowed to post my site so you can get a better idea about my business, you will understand what it is, and why the pictures make it much better advertising, and print advertising.

Anyway, I will post todays reply from google. They are looking into things, and have suspended the account to review it. As for thier possible causes and recomendations, I use AVG Full version and it scans daily, I use a sprint broadband card so the network should be secure, and I've been on the internet since 95, I don't reply to e-mails and phishing. But... we will see how the review comes out and if the problem gets fixed.

#4 DavidPinto


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Posted 23 February 2010 - 06:55 AM

Hello David,

Thank you for your response. I understand that this is activity in your
AdWords account that you didn't authorize. I've forwarded your complaint
to our Specialist team for investigation. As a precaution, your account
will be suspended during our investigation, which may take several
business days. At the end of our investigation, we'll reactivate your
account and reimburse you for any costs accrued due to the unauthorized
activity. At that point, I'll email you with the investigation results.


1. Check your computer for malware and viruses. Find tips below, under the
'Malware Prevention' section.

2. Change the password for your AdWords account.

3. For added security, we strongly recommend that you change the Google
Account email address.

Oh.. and I changed my pasword today, but I AM the only person who manages the account, so I don't have to worry about it being somone authorized by me to access the account.

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