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Is It Better To Use Multiple Domains For Geo Targeting Or Single Domai

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#1 DhvanilKhandwala


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Posted 17 December 2009 - 07:48 AM

Let me explain it first. Say, I have a site called mysite.com. I have purchased domains mysite.co.in, mysite.co.uk, mysite.co.nz, mysite.co.za for targeting my site in India, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. I would like to promote my website to different geographic locations or countries say UK, NZ, SA, etc.

Do I promote my .com domain mysite.com for targeting UK, NZ, and SA by mysite.com/UK/web-development, mysite.com/New-Zealand/web-development.?


uk.mysite.com/web-development, new-zealand.mysite.com/web-development,..?


mysite.co.uk, mysite.co.nz , and mysite.za for promotion?

I am bit confused about applying any of above methods because the problem is with contents. If I promote my site with Method-I or any of above then I have to write unique contents for each sub folder web pages or sub domains. Like for mysite.com/UK/web-development and I have to write content that includes keywords searched in UK for web development. Same for other countries. If I go for sub domain or separate .co.uk, .co.nz, or .co.za domains can I use same content that I have used for .com domain? Also Do I need to host each domain to their geo targeted country? mysite.co.uk to UK, mysite.co.nz to New Zealand web server? Or on the same server (in US) where .com site mysite.com is hosted.

Another thing is if I target my website for Spain with method-I (mysite.com/spain/web-development) then I have to write content in Spanish language. Does my content on mysite.com/web-development will work for targeting Spain if I convert my English language pages to Spanish language?

I think if I go for mysite.com/New-Zealand/ then I can select New Zealand as geo targeted region in GWT. Does that way work for targeting my site to New Zealand? As the keywords are of very high competitions related to web development, web design, ecommerce application development, Microsoft .Net, Java, PHP, etc.

Please suggest me which method will work for me and what are the pros and cons of each method? Or any other method you suggest to promoting site to different countries.

Waiting for your kind reply. Thank you very much in advance for taking your precious time for my questions.


#2 Randy


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Posted 17 December 2009 - 11:55 AM

If you're not going to have unique content for each version the rest is really a moot point. Because it's all going to end up being filtered anyway as duplicate content. So if that's the case you're better off just using the .com domain with one set of pages and let it work for you worldwide. In Google at least the default for searches in each regional area I've checked is set to Search Worldwide, not to find local results only.

All of my sites rank as well (sometimes better actually) on the regional versions than they do in the version of Google I see here in the US. That has to do with trust, authority and the fact that I'm targeting the worldwide market and not limiting myself by targeting a specific geographic area, like some of my competitors do. Plus I do get a fair number of completely naturally generated links from users all over the world, and those links from specific country sites do help me in that country.

If you want seriously target specific countries or regions you need to first do the legwork to get them some unique content, produced in their native language. As you've noted that's a lot of work if you're attempting to geo-target lots of different countries. Beyond the content/language issue you'd also need to run multiple link building campaigns for each geo area you're targeting to get in country links for each version pointing to its url address variation.

In other words you'd essentially be treating each country/region site as if it were a separate entity where the content and link building is concerned. So you'd be doing a lot more work than you'd have to just to keep it as one site targeting the worldwide market.

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