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I Need Help For My Website

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5 replies to this topic

#1 FirstD11


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Posted 23 May 2009 - 03:19 AM

Hi, I have a website <site removed per [url=http://www.highrankings.com/forum/index.php?act=boardrules]Forum Rules[/url]>
when I'm searching my site with <phrase removed> and <phrase removed key word on google, my site is there on the second top 10 Google search engine. I'm very happy but still confuse why.. my site at the second top 10 google because my site is only 4 month published and google don't give me page rank ..
comparing with a famous <ms site removed> is only at fourth top 10 google..

my question is
1.>why it is happen it is Incidentally for my website ? or maybe msn use sub domain news.sg...?
2.>Is a page rank cannot influence on the top 10 google..?
or I choose nice keyword for my site .? and then google ignoring page rank ?
Any body can explain to me ..please and thank you.

#2 Randy


    Convert Me!

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Posted 23 May 2009 - 08:45 AM

First, those exact phrases are not at all competitive. The first one you mentioned has only 750 competing sites if you do an exact match search. The second has less, coming up with 10 sites using the exact phrase.

1. What makes you think a regional version of the MS domain has any great advantage? I compete with the far more competitive office.microsoft.com pages with one of my sites, and beat 'em. They don't get any special advantage over any other page.

2. Real PageRank can influence rankings. But as you've seen it's not the end all, be all of rankings. It's just one of around 200 factors that go into why a page ranks where it ranks.

3. Depends upon what you mean by a "nice" keyword. It's not very competitive if that's what you're asking. I didn't look into whether either of those phrases get any appreciable search traffic.

#3 FirstD11


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Posted 23 May 2009 - 10:47 AM

Thank you very much randy for your explanation to me ..And I'm understand now that my keyword isn't competitive keyword right ? I think I have to study about SEO more...
BTW sorry If have mistaken asking question to this forum with my URL website.

#4 Randy


    Convert Me!

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Posted 23 May 2009 - 03:24 PM


When you want to look at the relative competition for a keyword phrase it doesn't do you much good to simply plug the keyword into Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc and see how may results they say they've returned. This type of normal search is going to attempt to tell you how many documents on the web the engine considers to be relevant for each and every word in your keyword phrase.

So let's say you wanted to know how much competition there was for the phrase: three word phrase. Plugging those into a normal search is going to return pages for the whole three word phrase; Also for the two word phrase three word; For the two word phrase three phrase; For the two word phrase word phrase; For the two phrase phrase word; for the two word phrase phrase three; and several other permutations. And we haven't even gotten just the single words standing on their own yet.

As you might imagine this produces considerable skew. Tons and tons of skew when one or more of the words in your phrase is one of those ubiquitous ones that show up in lots and lots of places. Say for instance word like Internet, or the word Hot or the word News. wink1.gif That's a triple whammy.

To get a better feel for the real competition there are a couple of things you can do. First do an exact search, where you place quotations around your phrase. This will give you a much better idea of how many pages actually contain all three words, hopefully in the right order. The second thing I usually do is perform an intitle: type of search on the exact match of the phrase. The reason being because anybody who is actively optimizing their pages for the term in question is going to use it in the <title> tag somewhere. If they're not, they're not really doing as much as they can to optimize for the phrase.

#5 Maria83


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Posted 23 May 2009 - 08:36 PM

This is really useful information. I wasn't sure how to search to see how much competition there was for a specific phrase. I tried it out with a keyword I'm trying to target and it came back with 'about 546,000'. So based on that, is it even worthwhile to try and rank for that?

It just confuses me a little; I am working with a guy who owns the product I am trying to promote (through an affiliate link) and he said that keyword would be fairly easy to rank in.

#6 Randy


    Convert Me!

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Posted 24 May 2009 - 06:59 AM

There can be a significant difference between the phrases that are more or less competitive and those phrases people are actually searching for. There are a couple of pinned threads in the Keyword Research section of the forum you'll want to read. I'll be moving this thread to this section in just a second.

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