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Video Blog On Youtube?

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#1 doogie88


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Posted 17 February 2009 - 02:08 PM

With youtube videos now ranking fairly well in google, is it a good idea to have a video blog, or atleast videos when certain news happen.

I mean, say you have a site on celebrities. Say Britney Spears is busted with cocaine. So, you go and make a video on youtube talking about it, and linking to your site.

A better example, I'm a big baseball fan. Recently, huge news is Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids. If you search "A-rod steroids" in google, a video from youtube is in the top 3. That being said, it is professionally done by CBS not just some blog. Of course I couldn't take the time daily to do a full edited video like that, so was thinking just a webcam blog. However, then I question the quality. I mean, if I'm trying to run a professionally looking site, and I have this cheap looking, webcam blog, am I going to hurt the image of the site?

#2 Randy


    Convert Me!

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 03:30 PM

The quality thing is a real issue that needs to be considered, for sure.

Anything you do that reflects badly on the perceived quality of your site is going to have a negative effect all around.

Beyond that, YouTube'rs as a general rule consume the clips there and never click through in my experience. You need some sort of "Get more info..." type of call to action to get them to click through. Otherwise they'll simply go to the next YouTube video.

So to get the most benefit you'd need to host the video yourself at the very least. You could still upload it to other services like YouTube to drive some free traffic, but to get the full benefit you'd need it in all one place. Otherwise YouTube or wherever you upload it is going to get credit.

Of course hosting it yourself has its own issues. Mainly bandwidth usage since videos can be quite large and if 10,000 people suddenly start hitting it it's going to use up your hosting account allowance.

#3 ogormask


    Shane O'Gorman

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Posted 23 February 2009 - 12:12 AM

Something that I do and I find it rather effective is I have a main video that I use in each of my blog posts. Its just a short introduction to me and my blog but I have received dozens of comments saying how well liked it is. At first I did this just to do it but now I see another added bonus. I believe the number of hits on a video can actually help with the ranking of it and it may have a psychological effect on the viewers if they can see how popular the video is. But basically by reusing it in every post I went from very few clicks to hundreds in a rather short time. Now the video actually ranks rather well for highly sought key words.

Regardless video adds a very good dimension to blogging. Doing a video for each one might be cumbersome and like I said might not get as many hits unless you have a very popular website to display it on. Its rather hard getting a video to go viral so thats hard to ask for that.

You could use the newer annotation method to advertise your website for instance. But I prefer a more direct method of marketing and thats why I put videos on my site itself including the home page. I get a lot more hits from that than I would from just having it on youtube. Its like any marketing you have to be the one to market it and not expect it to market itself.

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