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Frames And Searchengines

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#16 Alan Perkins

Alan Perkins

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Posted 08 August 2003 - 12:18 PM

I can't figure out why the navigation  reloads when you click one of the navigation menu items but all the links in the body frame pages just refresh the body frame and leave the navigation as is. It also does a one-time "open in new browser thing" the first time you click a nav link then continues to work fine after that ( in the new window). Any advice would be helpfull.

In your Framestop2.html file, you have a line that reads
<BASE TARGET="bodyFrame">

That's wrong, as your main frame is named "main". Change the line to read
<BASE TARGET="main">

#17 claybutler


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Posted 08 August 2003 - 12:30 PM

Yeah! I works now. THANKS.
Clay :propeller:

#18 Alan Perkins

Alan Perkins

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Posted 08 August 2003 - 12:45 PM


#19 WizardofX


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Posted 21 August 2003 - 10:11 AM

A question was asked: "why use frames?"

I'll tell you why I use them. A good percentage of my
visitors are from overseas, western europe, asia,
eastern eruope, south america, middle east and africa.
I get 200 visitors a month from the pacific islands.

So asking people to download the navigation frame
every time the click on a new page is cruel. :(

best regards

#20 qwerty


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Posted 21 August 2003 - 10:16 AM

I don't quite get your point, wiz.

If you had your navigation in a server-side include, it would get cached the first time it loaded and people wouldn't need to download it on subsequent pages.

#21 claybutler


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Posted 21 August 2003 - 11:01 AM

With SSI does the whole page still refresh? If so it doesn't matter that much if the page is cached because there is still going to be that lag time where the navigation will dissappear for a second. Frames can be really efficient and beautiful. So can flash, CSS or whatever you chose to build your site. It's really execution, quality and content, not so much the method. This whole "frames are dead" is the same nonsense we go through every couple of years. You can add it to the list of:

1."HTML is dead" (from the Flash, xml and dhtml crowd)
2. "Print is dead" (without a hint of irony, many books, magazines and carrers were devoted to this in the mid/late 90's)
3. "Irony is dead" (too cool for anything crowd)
4. "Microsoft Windows is dead" ( linux and mac users)
5. "Google is dead" (every tech wannabe writer in the press who wants to sound edgy)
6. Disco is dead (yeah right, go ask Madona and Britney Spears about this one)
7. Grocery stores are dead (from Web Van investors)
8. "Search engines are dead, the portal is king" (1998-2000 from the portal crowd)
9. "Portals are dead, search is king" (2000 on, from the portals themselves)

The list goes on, and on and on.
How about "Absolutes are dead"
Different strokes for different folks.

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