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How Does Google Determine Image Relevance?

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#1 CLBridges


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Posted 02 August 2003 - 12:29 PM

2. naming of pages to contain keywords

I've done this for awhile now, (using underscores as "spaces") but am told it doesn't carry any weight? Don't know if it used to though. My page names, page image (if applicable,) and image alt text would use the same keyword phrase. I'd even try to incorporate a keyword phrase into the subdirectory name, if there was one.

Question: How does the Google image search determine relevance? Is it by the text on the page where the image resides, the file name, alt text or a combination of all 3?

Just out of curiousity, I searched for an image on my site that has a rather unique name using Google's image search and quotation marks. The results were rather interesting. There were only 4:

2 results were from my site and I used the method shown above for page names and image file names. I used underscores. I also have a text link to the other page on each page. (see 4th result)

The 3rd result was the exact same file name but they used hypens. The exact phrase I searched for was not shown in the text portion of the page, the image alt text OR the source code. (Interesting!)

The 4th result was named " j-879.jpg" and totally irrelevant to the phrase I searched for. But, there was a text link on the page with the exact phrase searched for. This was the only instance of the exact phrase within the text or source code.

Does this mean anything? I think it just might. Anyone have any insite, comments or similar/different results?

#2 Scottie


    Psycho Mom

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Posted 02 August 2003 - 02:34 PM

Hi CLBridges-

I thought you post was deserving of it's own topic so I split it off from the SEO Checklist thread.


#3 Phil CK

Phil CK

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Posted 02 August 2003 - 04:57 PM

I'm really not sure how Google's image algo works, as I really can't understand the results I get for my main phrase !

On the regular web search, I show as #1 for Porsche 917 (my main phrase), but when I move over to image search, again for Porsche 917, the first piccy from my site is about #130 !!! There are numerous photos on my site with Porsche 917 in their file name, and certainly alt tag. Whilst the #2 result has a file name of "pp_lrg_5.jpg" and is on a page called "pinkpig.htm" (fyi. Pink Pig is a nickname for a version of the 917 that was literally painted like a pig, with butchers cut marks included ... photo here if you're interested !).

Therefore, why my images rank so badly I have no idea... but can't say I've ever really investigated too much !

#4 philipp


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Posted 04 August 2003 - 02:45 PM

I can tell you that since the Hulk movie came out I have quite a substantial amounts of hits to my design page [ http://www.outer-cou...esign/paper.htm ], containing a link of an image of the Hulk that I made ages ago... I only noticed what was happening when I was entering "Hulk" in Google Images, and my sketch came up in the top 10 (bottom left, at the moment). I even took the time to add a little Amazon Associates link at the top after I saw the traffic (I would like to say that it made me rich, but that's not the case so far)...

Now what can I say? I don't know the algorithms Google Images is using, but I linked to the picture using the word "Hulk", and the picture is named "Hulk.jpg". Also, the page has been up for many years.

Lately, I also make sure to optimize image-file-names. Dashes, no abbreviations. E.g. "painting-of-this-and-that.jpg".

#5 CLBridges


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Posted 06 August 2003 - 10:02 AM

Phil CK wrote:

..but when I move over to image search, again for Porsche 917, the first piccy from my site is about #130 !!!..

Question: What is the name of the image file that's on the page about #130? Is there a text link using the phrase "Porsche 917" on that page? Did you search for "Porsche 917" using quotation marks?

Philipp wrote:

but I linked to the picture using the word "Hulk", and the picture is named "Hulk.jpg".

Is there a text link using the word "Hulk" on that page?


#6 dimok


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Posted 06 August 2003 - 10:15 AM

I think the following:

1. ALT tag

2. Link if picture links somethere

3. Text around the picture

4. File name

are taking into account.

what else?

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