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Pauline's Poll

April 25, 2007
How often do you visit the High Rankings Forum?

More than I can count!
10 times a week
5 times a week
Once a week
What forum?

Please answer the question on our survey form here:

I also wanted to let you know that we've chosen someone randomly from our
previous polls to receive a gift (even though we haven't done 5 yet) and are
waiting for confirmation as to which of the following she would like:

 - 10% off a future High Rankings seminar
(above and beyond all the other discounts that you may find), or
- a free Copywriting Combo <>,
which features my Nitty-gritty Guide as well as Karon Thackston's
Copywriting Course, or
- a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

If given permission, we'll announce the winner in the next newsletter.

All of you who answer today's question will be in the running to receive one
of the above as well! Thanks again for helping us out with these surveys.
We REALLY appreciate it!