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How do I get my files indexed by the search engines after a redesign where file names have changed?

I've finally redesigned my circa-1997 Web site, and all the file names have changed. What should I do to ensure that the search engines index my new pages?

You should redirect all the old URLs to the new ones, via a 301-permanent redirect. If you're on an apache server, this can be done via the .htaccess file.  There's more information in our 301-redirect forum.


You may also want to submit a sitemap to Google with the new URLs.  Or, you could try Greg Boser's method of redirecting the old files to the new ones via a 301, and then actually submitting a sitemap to Google with the old URLs.  This apparently causes Google to try to reindex them, and the 301 immediately tells them their new location.   




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