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How can I automate the link building process?

Link building is hard and I don't like it. I send out tons of emails requesting reciprocal links, but barely get any responses. How can I automate the process?

You can create something so great and wonderfully unique that people naturally link to it. This won't happen overnight, and of course there will be lots of hard work to get to that point and to keep it up, but at least you won't have to worry about link building. (See my site for an example of this at work. I've never once asked for a link, nor do I ever plan to.)

I would highly suggest some means of constantly adding information to your site, such as through a weekly or monthly newsletter, a frequently updated blog, or articles that relate to the products/services you provide. Because even if you do have a completely unique and great site, you still need a means of letting others know this.



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