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Do We Need an .edu Domain?

December 14, 2011

Dear Jill,
Photo Credit: Marcus Povey
Our hospital domain is a .com (some hospitals are .org; ours is not) and our medical school is a .edu. The medical school services seem to rank higher in search. Is it true that, in general, .edu domains get ranked higher than .com? We're not going to change, but if this is true, we could adjust our SEO.



++Jill's Response++

Hi Frank,

Nope. It's absolutely not true that an .edu domain will outrank a .com domain. It's all in the optimization and the links pointing to it, just as it is with any other website. People believe .edu domains are given extra weight because they typically are very authoritative, trustworthy sites, and thus have a great link profile. But it's not the .edu top-level domain that got them there.

Hope this helps!



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 Nathaniel A. Kingsley said:
Probably this is a chicken or the egg problem. My guess goes along with Jill's contention. Most likely the CONTENT that resides on .edu domains is higher quality by nature quality and linked to more legitimately than MOST .com domains resulting in the APPEARANCE of favoritism toward .edu domains.

-Nat(kynduvme on HR forum)
 Russ Sumbot said:
I was told that edu domains will help my seo for our websites and many people believe this everyone has a different answer when it come to optimizing your site. This gets very frustrating!