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Discontinued Products Showing in Google

March 4, 2009
Hello Jill,

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I thoroughly enjoyed your newsletter No. 249
because you answered questions directly.

I would like to ask a question too, please. Our website is geared to sell GPS equipment. Many of the products have a life of about 6 months to a year. Google indexes these very well, and we rank highly. However, some searches display discontinued products (I guess because they have been around the longest).

This could give the impression that we sell discontinued products (we do not), which makes the website look out of date. We still need to have these products on our website (we cannot remove them) because some customers still need accessories. Is it possible to coax Google to display current products on a model search? Would we lose ranking in the process?

Kind regards,


++Jill's Response++

Hi Basil,

Glad you like the newsletter!

For your little problem, would it be possible to add some very prominent links to the newer models on those older model pages? Or even some of the newer models listed right there on the same page?

Doing something like that would help solve the problem of people finding those pages from the search engines but wanting a newer model, while also allowing others to find the older-model accessories they may be seeking.


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 Shel Horowitz said:
It would also make sense to have a text banner that says, "This product has been replaced--click here for the replacement. We keep the page up as a convenience to people who already have this model and need parts or accessories." Then no one has to wonder why on earth they're going to a page for a product they can't even buy.