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SEO Interview: Site Architecture: The Foundation for Results-Driven SEO

August 12, 2011
Jill Whalen was interviewed by Dianna Huff for her B2B Marketing E-Newsletter, "The MarCom Strategist" on how site architecture is a key component to all SEO website campaigns. (Scroll down after you click, in order to see the interview.)

Here's a sample from the interview:

Dianna Huff: Jill, what do you mean by "site architecture" and why is it important?

Jill Whalen: Site architecture is how every page is linked to every other page within a website. It’s essentially how a person or a search engine navigates through your website. It’s important for both people and search engines as well. The way your pages are linked together is part its overall “usability.” That is, the ease or difficulty your website visitors have when it comes to finding what they’re looking for.

It works the same way for search engines. Pages that are easy for search engines to find, for instance, those linked to in the navigational menu that’s at the top of every page, will be given more weight by them. This is because those pages have more “internal link popularity” within your site.

You may already know about the importance of “link popularity” – that is, other sites linking to yours, and how that provides value. Internal linking is just as important. With the right site architecture in place, you have the ability to tell Google which pages of your site are important by how you link to them.

The way you create your site architecture is key when it comes to B2B sites – especially with regard to getting found for “short-tail” keywords.