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Jill Whalen Quoted in Article

December 8, 2009

High Rankings CEO, Jill Whalen, was featured in an article entitled, 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Site's Search Engine Ranking.


Jill talked about the importance of installing web analytics such as Google Analytics on your website, as well as what one can learn from the data. She also discussed how to choose specific keyword phrases for each page of a website when setting out to optimize it for search engines and users.


Here are the highlights:


Find out where you stand
The old adage still rings true: You can't fix it if you don't know what's broken! Before you do anything, Jill Whalen, CEO of High, a Boston search engine optimization consulting firm, recommends you install Google Analytics on your site. "It's free and can tell you how each page is working, or not," says Whalen, who has been in the website optimization business since 1995. This handy tool can give you specific insight as to which pages get the most views, which links are clicked on, where you get the most visitors from by state or nation, and how long each visitor spends on any page and where they go while in your site. This data provides specific behavioral records of your site visitors, as well as insight on what pages work (where visitors linger or act) vs. pages that people click away from quickly.


Get your website content up to snuff
Now that you've got a grasp on which keywords and keyword phrases are relevant to your specific services, products and target markets, the next step is to use them--both in the content that the consumer sees on each page and the coding they do not (i.e., with unique, relevant meta data for page title tags and descriptions tags). Whalen says to look at every page on your site and decide on three to five phrases per page to focus on that are unique to each page. Whalen suggests creating a "keyword phrase map" to keep organized and productive, and to use different forms of the words, including plurals, past tense and –ing.

Whalen used this example: Great keywords and phrases for a restaurant located in Martha's Vineyard would be--Martha's Vineyard Restaurant, Dining in Martha's Vineyard, Where to eat in Martha's Vineyard, Martha's Vineyard Café, etc.