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Search and PR: Observations from SEO Experts

May 28, 2009

Jill Whalen was quoted along with 7 other internet marketing experts in Dan Greenfield's Bernaise Source Media blog in a post regarding how PR companies should be embracing SEO more readily.


She was also quoted in Part 2 of the series on PR and Search Insights:


"What PR brings to the table is help in crafting a message for their client that is unique and that sets them apart from other companies. For SEO to be successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you have to have a company and website that stands out from the pack in some way. After all, why would Google show a company’s website in the top 10 of the search results if they’re not truly one of the top 10 companies in their niche? And isn’t that the job of PR?

The PR team should work closely with the SEO team to understand the keyword phrases that are valuable to their client so that they can use them in their messaging. This in turn can create links back that are also using the correct wording, and ultimately bring more targeted traffic to the client’s website."