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No Copy on Home Page - Forum Thread of the Week

April 1, 2009

Forum member "logos123" asks:

"I am doing SEO for a website, and I have tried to persuade the owner to include some copy on the home page to sell their services and for ranking, but they prefer just an image and navigation. Is this going to be a big setback in terms of SEO?"

Read what other members have answered and/or provide your own advice here:


No Copy on Home Page

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 chris said:
Not much content is needed to give engines something to get thier teeth into.
 Kelsey said:
as long as there is other content on the website, and you have created a sitemap so search engines can crawl the entire website (all separate pages) you should be ok.
 Jill said:
@kelsey...actually search engines have no need for a site map. They can crawl through links just fine without one.