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Free Preview Copy of Best Website

April 30, 2008

We've got a special offer for you today – a completely free preview copy of Nelson Bates' "Best Website" ebook. You can download your copy here.


I haven't read the whole thing yet, but there's an interview with me in there! 

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 Mal Milligan, Webmaster and SEO nut bag !! said:
Nicely done. A good guide for the beginner and intermediate internet marketer. Tips on building and hosting your website are OK. The best part was the rock solid advice on keyword research and basic linking. Add good meta tagging and consistent best practices and the ranking will follow. A good read and the part on free keyword research with wordtracker is actually excellent. Bravo.
 D H Osborn, Lantern Webmaster & Hardcore SEO'er said:
Fantastic advice for all levels of a web business. I have been doing the "SEO thing" for years with good success and learned a few great tips for linking and also for Keyword research and a bunch of simple things to do with a web site, all of which lead to better ROI. This PDF eBook will be especially helpful for those just getting into a web business but it has lots of good advice for every level of creating and running a business online.
 Jill said:
Are you guys somehow related to the author?
 Mal Milligan said:
No. Hey he put out a 100 page free ebook and some of it was actually decent. The writer is from Kansas so they must have internet there now. I support any intelligent life forms from places where corn and cows outnumber webmasters more than 100 to 1.