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October 3, 2007
Hi Jill,

You are the only one I trust on this issue, so thank you for being willing
to accept questions.

We have an information site which sells nothing. Our site consists of about
140 articles. I have authored several, and I'm wondering about submitting a
couple of my articles to certain type of sites which claim to boost links to
your site.

These sites present themselves as article distribution centers and submit
your article to newsletter lists and publishers.  

Some of them didn't raise any red flags for me, but others say they have an
automated article distribution service. Upon further reading, they change
subheads or make minor copy changes in order to continue to submit articles
without being called on for mirrored content.

Do you have any comments on dealing with these kind of sites? Run and don't
look back? Or weed out legitimate ones?

Thanks very much,


++Jill's Response++

Hi Marilyn,

I don't personally use any services like that, so I really can't speak to
it.  That said, there's certainly nothing wrong with your articles appearing
in syndication on various sites. Just be sure to have a good bio with links
back to your site.  I wouldn't allow anyone to change my articles if it were
me.  Some people don't understand the dupe content issues and think that
they will somehow be penalized, but they won't.  At worst, what will happen
is that one of the submitted versions of the article will appear in the
search results above (or instead of) yours.  

Karon Thackston, I believe, uses some article submission services -- you
might check with her.



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 Arazoo Mush said:
Dear Jill
In SEO most of the people say that submitting to maximum number of article submission site is good. Is it True. I'm a doctor and my web deisgner has just launched a website for me and doing SEO. In his opinion Ariticle submission is a good technique. Please advice
 Jill said:
Arazoo, it's really neither good nor bad. Try it out for yourself and see if it brings you any traffic to your website.