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SEO Website Audit

Adding New Content to an Existing Site

October 3, 2007
Hi Jill,
You must love SEO -- always changing! Always interesting!
I have a question: I created a site (read a book on HTML, a book on SEO, and
a book on globalization of websites). After about 10 months, the site is
doing very well and I am pleased with its rankings.
One concern: I want to add some new material to the site in order to make it
more informative and more helpful, but I am concerned about the SEO "recoil"
if I do that. How do I add content in such a way as to not lose my Google
and other rankings?


++Jill's Response++

Hi Jason,
Yes indeed, I DO love SEO! :)
As to your question, there's no reason for concern.  Adding new stuff to
your site is always great.  Anything that is good for your users is going to
be good for the search engines as well. People add information to their
sites all the time for reasons having nothing to do with SEO.  Google and
all the search engines understand this.  They would never assume that your
additional content is there for nefarious reasons, and therefore would
certainly not "recoil" at your additions!  

Just be sure to do your keyword research first so you know the best phrases
to focus your new pages on and you should start to gain additional traffic
for the new stuff in no time!

Good luck.