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SEO Website Audit

Is a FrontPage Website Search Engine Unfriendly?

September 26, 2007
Hi Jill
I am a small business owner with a circa 2003 website that needs an overhaul
both in terms of SEO optimization and visual appeal.  I have no time or
talent to do this and want to hire a company.
I have received a reply from one company that said the problem with my
website is that it was written in FrontPage.  They implied that that was a
problem both from a design perspective and for SEO.  Do you agree?  And if
so, does my website need to be recreated in HTML?  
Thank you

++Jill's Response++

Hi MJ,

FrontPage uses HTML to write Web pages, so I'm not really sure what that
company was talking about.  It's true that FrontPage doesn't always create
the cleanest HTML code in the world, but in the hands of an experienced user
(and even a not-so-experienced one) you shouldn't have any search engine
problems with your site just because it was created in FrontPage.

That said, you still have to optimize it for the keyword phrases that people
are typing into the search engines for the services/products that you offer.
You may want to read some of my past articles here.  I'd suggest starting with the
Ten Tips to the Top.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!