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PartsHotlines - Used Auto Parts Online Search With Real Time Results is a unique used auto parts online system for finding the exact auto part you need, in real time, at a salvage yard near you.


Read on to learn why PartsHotlines chose High Rankings and why their SEO campaign has been a huge success! 


The Client 


When Betsy Finnell, the CEO of PH first contacted High Rankings in 2004, she had the back-end system for querying salvage yards across the nation in place, but just a rudimentary website to go with it. The back-end system was quite revolutionary as it allowed salvage yards to add their inventory of used parts to the database as soon as they came in, and remove them as soon as they were sold. Which meant that the PartsHotlines system was always up-to-date and working in real time. Every other website that offered to find used auto parts, did not have these real time capabilities. For the other sites, a person looking for a part would fill out a form and someone would email them back in a day or two with info on where they could receive that part.


When Betsy explained the difference between their services and all the others, we knew this was a website we wanted to work with.


The Dreaded Aging Delay 


Back in 2004, Google's aging delay for brand new domains was in full force and we were normally reluctant to take on a client that had a brand new domain -- especially one that was planning on focusing on some extremely competitive keywords. However, due to PartsHotlines being the leader in their space with the absolute best product, we knew that once the domain was out of the sandbox, we would have this site ranked well for the very competitive keywords that were so relevant to what they offered. But more than that, we knew we would be able to direct tons of highly relevant search engine traffic to it.


Why Choose High Rankings? 


Basically, it was up to PartsHotlines to choose us over the other SEO vendors they were talking to. Like most smart clients who've done their homework, Betsy had lots of great questions. When our answers to some of them were very different than the other SEO firm they were speaking with (one of our biggest SEO competitors who happen to use a more formulaic approach to SEO than we do), she sent us their answers so that we could explain why we disagreed with them and why our approach was 180 degrees different.


We explained to Betsy that High Rankings as a company has never believed in using a cookie-cutter approach to SEO. Nor have we ever felt that there is an exact formula to achieving high search engine rankings and more search engine traffic. Every site is unique, and every page needs something different than every other page. There is no certain number of words that one needs in a Title tag, nor any special keyword density % that will be the key to success. If there were, the search engines themselves would be out of business because they would be too easily scammed. Just plug in the reverse algo formula you found through your automated SEO software, create your pages and you're good to go! If only it were that simple.


It's a go! 


PartsHotlines was satisfied that our approach to SEO was exactly what they were looking for, so we signed on the dotted line and we set out to gain them some highly relevant search engine traffic!


At the time we were partnered with a web design firm, and worked very closely with them to ensure that the website was designed in a crawler friendly manner from the start and performed the following tasks:

  • We researched keyword phrases and helped design the site architecture based upon that research.
  • We decided which phrases belonged on which pages of the site.
  • We made sure that each page of the website was written in a manner that focused on phrases that real people use in the search engines.
  • We optimized each page's Titles and Meta description tags for their targeted keyword phrases.
And once the site went live:
  • We made sure to inform the online communities who would be interested in what PartsHotlines offered, were aware of its existence.
  • We wrote and submitted a press release announcing the news of this revolutionary and very cool service.

As expected, due to Google's aging delay, for the first 9 months the site was basically nowhere to be found in Google other than for the founders' names. However, it didn't take very long to show up in the first page of Yahoo's results for some of its very competitive keyword phrases.


Paid Google's Sandbox Dues 


Practically 9 months from the day it was uploaded, the site had apparently paid its Google dues and was released from the dreaded sandbox. It came out with a page 2 ranking for the holy grail of keywords for this website (an extremely competitive phrase). It also had numerous other page one rankings, for some of the less competitive phrases we had optimized for. We were all very pleased with the website's successful SEO campaign.


One Year Later 


When the site had been live for a year, we were happy to send PartsHotlines on their merry way, as they had no more need for us.


They had their own analytics program installed and they knew how to use it and learn from it, so they didn't need us to create any sort of ongoing reports and recommendations for them like we do for some clients. We knew from experience that their website should continue to do well in the rankings, without any additional SEO work needing to be done. They did have someone on staff who was always on the lookout for great linking opportunities, which is always an important ongoing activity.


Other SEO companies may have implored them to write expert articles or the like, but we don't believe that is necessary for most companies that have a great product or service. The pages of their website were the best advertising for what they offer, and they were optimized as they should be. In other words, they were ranking for the keyword phrases that would bring them the most qualified traffic.


Two Years Later 


It's been 2 years since we worked with the folks at PartsHotlines. Every now and then I do a quick Google search for their big money phrase, and each time I do, they're ranking better than the last time I checked. The site doesn't appear to have changed since we worked on it either. It doesn't need to; their services haven't changed, and it was optimized to be the best it could be for its users and the search engines. Because we didn't try to optimize for the algorithm of the day, it was immune to the numerous algo changes that have occurred since its launch.


Today it sits at #2 for its most important and most competitive keyword phrase in Google, and #3 for its second most important phrase. There are 42,800 pages that are at least minimally optimized for the phrase (as it's being used in the title tag of that many pages), so being at #2 means it has to be more relevant than the 42,798 other pages in Google's eyes.


That's what SEO is all about!


Contact us today and become a High Rankings success story!