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Cold Fusion Pages

December 13, 2006



I have a client whose web site has been created in Cold Fusion. I am not all
that familiar with these types of pages but right now most of their page
text and metas are being pulled from another document and are not actually
part of the “live site code.” To me it seems only logical that they will
have problems with rankings because of this. I have always assumed that
search engine spiders read only “live site code.”  Is this true? Any insight
would be helpful.


Thanks for always providing GREAT information and tips!




++Jill’s Response++


Hi Elaine,


Cold Fusion pages are generally fine.  It’s what the search engine sees
after the pages are compiled from the database that they index — basically
what you see in the resulting source code in your browser.  There are
definitely issues you need to be aware of when dynamically generating sites,
but Cold Fusion pages in and of themselves are not a problem.


If you do a search on my site for “dynamically generated sites” you should
find the previous articles that have been written on the subject.


Good luck!