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TQW: Does registering at a site to post a comment...?

September 30, 2009
Three times in the past month I received email from websites where I had commented in their blog or had some other previous contact with them. I'm pretty darn sure I never checked off anything that gave them permission to bulk email me or put me on any newsletter lists, because I would remember that. Dontcha have to double opt-in to those types of things?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just an old-fashioned purist to think that companies should ask your permission before emailing you with their news or whatever.

Which brings us to today's Twitter Question of the week:

"Does registering at a site to post a comment entitle them to contact you?"

Here's what my cool Tweeps had to say:

empresschang: "Only if you opted in during registering; otherwise, they are wasting their time and yours with what should be viewed as spam."

barney_tl: "Socially, yes. Commercially, no."

Skitzzo: "Not unless they use double opt-in for commenting.

rishil: "Short ans: NO. Long ans: You give out your data without privacy policy check then it's legally acceptable."

cgw3: "I think so; you made your comment public, and if you include your email, then I would say it would be fine, and nice. :o)"

nickusborne: "Genuine one on one correspondence, yes. Autoresponder sequence, no."

AlanBleiweiss: "I would find it highly annoying and intrusive being contacted after simply leaving a comment on a post."

Suthnautr: "Entitled? All blogs require an email address by default. That's a convention from the pre-blog '90s. Depends on the email."

JulieJoyce: "I'd say that if you opt in for emailed comments, yes, but otherwise no."

I asked Julie to clarify: "@JulieJoyce, are you saying if you opt in to subscribe to that 1 thread, they are allowed to email you about other threads?"

To which she replied: "Ah sorry...if you opt in to 1 thread, they should only contact you about that thread...but that's a good question."


So overall, the people who follow me on Twitter seem to agree with me. Of course, it's probably a group of people skewed toward having the same thoughts on marketing that I do, or else they wouldn't be following me to begin with!
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 Terri Zwierzynski said:
I agree with JulieJoyce -- if they opted in to receive future comments on that one particular thread, ok (and that box shouldn't be pre-checked by default, either!) Otherwise, no.

If you have to trick people into subscribing, there's something wrong with your business model...